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March 13, 2015

Monarch Butterfly Garden

We are just beginning a project that will take us through the end of the school year. Did you know that 96% of Monarch butterflies have disappeared since the 1970's? There simply isn't enough habitat area left for them to thrive. We are going to try to help change that! Our class will be learning about the milkweed plant, planting our own milkweed seeds and then transplanting them to our very own Monarch butterfly garden outside the school this spring! Our first step will be getting the seeds and learning about different types of soil and what type of soil would be best for the seeds. We will watch the seeds sprout (hopefully) and discuss what the seeds will need to become plants. You can visit the organization that we are getting the seeds from at the link below.

It's Time to Order Yearbooks!

Yearbook orders are due by March 15, 2015. The cost of the yearbook is $15 per book. We encourage you to place an order on the website: You will just need to enter in the code: 748563 to place an order. All yearbooks ordered online, will be shipped to TCE. Checks should be made out to Thorpe Creek Elementary. Happy ordering!

Scholastic Book Orders

Today is the last day to order books from our recent book orders that came home last week. Feel free to send in a check with your child's book orders or you may use the link that I have attached below to order books from the book order as well. You may also click on the Book Order Link below to order online or go to and use our class code GPKTW. When you order online you are not limited to what is in the flyers. You can search their site for any books that they have available!



Candy Bar Bingo is almost here! It is Friday, March 20th from 6:00 to 8:30. We are 4th graders in Mrs. Gibson’s class and for our Genius Hour project we want to help an HSE family. We are selling cookies, wristbands, and candles for Fishers Junior High student, Aislynn Ball, who has Gardner’s syndrome. The money will be donated to her family for Aislynn’s medical bills. Gardner’s syndrome is a type of syndrome that makes tumors grow all over your body.

The wristbands are $2.00 and the cookies are $1.00. The tea light candles are 50¢, the medium candles are $1.00 and the large is $1.50.

We will be selling from 6:00 to 7:30. Make sure to bring money to Candy Bar Bingo!

We hope to see you there!

Macy Summers, Braylee Vicari, Whitney Byard, Olivia Andrews, Ashley Lopez, & Ava Paul.

Maker Space

We enjoyed our time with Mrs. Hopper exploring new materials and stretching our thinking while participating in Maker Space. Maker Space is where children are allowed to explore with different materials such as legos, tinker toys, play dough, straws and tape, and gears. The children are encouraged to just explore to see what they can make. Mrs. Hopper and I went around and asked the students questions about what they were making and why to help stretch their thinking. The students did an amazing job. They were using vocabulary words and math terms that we have learned in class. As you can see in the photos below we had a wonderful time!

Digital Learning Day

Today was Digital Learning Day and here in the classroom we explored a website called Pebble Go by using the Ipads. The children were encouraged to research anything that they wondered about during this time. They worked in pairs and discussed what they were learning. Then they wrote one fact down and we posted it outside of the room for all of TCE to see what we learned through this experience.


Please keep in mind that we will be going outside for recess unless the wind chill is below 25. Make sure to send your child to school with an appropriate coat, gloves and hat for being outside 20-30 minutes everyday.

Things we are collecting...

There are several items that we are always collecting at school. Feel free to send them in whenever you need to.

  • all plastic bottle caps and lids for our buddy bench project
  • Boxtops
  • Campbells Labels for Education

Coming up next week....

Reading- We will continue to read passages and use the information in the passages to help us answer questions as well as relate these to our own lives. We will start to read non-fiction books and talk about the facts that we learn when reading this type of story. We will review how to retell a non-fiction story as well.

Spelling - New spelling lists will be sent home on Monday. Your child will be tested over these words and the below sight words on Friday, March 27th.

Our sight words for the next 2 weeks will be: sit, which, fall, carry, small

Writing - We will continue working on our fiction writing for our Young Author books. We have been focusing on reading our story as the reader would not just as the writer. We will continue to talk about adjectives and how they help the reader to see a story the way the writer sees it.

Math - We will continue to focus on adding and subtracting groups of tens and other double digits.

Science - We will continue to focus on our soil topic. We will be discussing the different types of soil as well as the characteristics of these types.

Related Arts Schedule

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday- P.E. and Library

Thursday - Music

Friday - Art

Important Dates

March 13 - Spring picture day

March 13- End of the 3rd nine weeks

March 15- All orders for Yearbooks are due (see the message above if you have not already ordered one and are interested)

March 20 - Candy Bar Bingo. 6:00-8:30 (1st grade will be calling numbers from 6:20-6:50)

March 21 & 22 - District wide art show @ HSE high school

Math and Reading Game Links

This will take you to the students links section of the TCE website. You can find loads of great games your child can play to practice math and reading skills.

Mrs. Heather Yoder

The more that you read, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go. -Dr. Seuss