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Team FMS: Together, We Can! - May 9, 2016

Welcome to the FMS EXPLO Newsletter!

We will continue to keep our FMS families informed of what is happening inside our classrooms and school through this newsletter. Please let us know if there is any way that we can improve on this newsletter to make it more helpful to you and your child's experience at FMS.

Mrs. Schenewerk

All FMS library books should be returned to the library so we can begin our end of year inventory. If your child has a book checked out, please help them remember to get it back to the library as soon as possible.

As always, feel free to contact me at tschenewerk@fulton58.org with any questions or concerns.

Coach Masek, Coach Windmiller, Coach Youse

If weather permits us to be outside, we will be involved in activities such as wiffleball, kickball, and flag football

Congrats to the following P.E. stu





Kids' Choice Website of the Week!

Look here each week for engaging websites for your kids to use at home! This week's pick is Maze Runner. It is a Scratch game brought to us by MIT Education Department. Check out Maze Runner, along with other games MIT offers at this link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/22685659/

Mrs. Bailey

Computer Class is a combination of building keyboarding skills, computer skills, and digital citizenship. All computer students are strongly encouraged to practice their keyboard skills at home at this website: TypingTraining.com. Both students and parents are able to monitor their progress throughout this class. All students should know their login information. If you have an issues gaining access, please email me for assistance.

The 8th grade students enrolled in Computer Applications continued with keyboarding practicing. For May their benchmark goal is 40 wpm with 90% accuracy for the month. 7th and 8th grade Computer Applications students learned about different file extensions and their meanings. 7th and 8th grade "wheel" had a mini-lesson and activity on file extensions, along with practicing their keyboarding skills. 6th grade students participated in many activities while completing a file extension activity. The 6th graders missed two days in computer class this week for their field trips.

Please feel free to contact me at jbailey@fulton58.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Practice at Home!

As long as your child is enrolled in computer class they will have an account and login information at typingtraining.com. This program is set up so that students can practice their skills anywhere they can access the Internet. They can even use their Chromebooks! Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance.

Coach Youse

7th Grade is continuing a unit over alcohol.

Monday/Tuesday: Read pg 28-31, "Alcohol Use and Teens." Students will create a Google Classroom blog or eVideo vlog post (pg 30) for fellow classmates that describes positive ways of dealing with difficult emotions while pointing out the negative effects of using alcohol to deal with difficult emotions.

Wednesday/Thursday: Read pg 32-35, "Effects of Alcohol Use." Students will create a poster covering the negative physical effects of alcohol use.

Friday: Refusing to Get into a Car with a Driver Who Has Been Drinking, pg 44. Students will create and act out a skit that has a dialogue showing successful use of refusal skills.

8th Grade students are continuing our study of sexually transmitted diseases.

Monday/Tuesday: Read pg 41-45, "Diversity in Relationships." Students will create a pamphlet that describes different sexual orientations (pg 45).

Wednesday/Thursday: Read pg 26-28, "Understanding Violence." Answer questions 1-6 on pg 28.

Friday: Read 35-37, "Abuse." Complete Using "I" Messages activity on pg 36.

Please feel free to contact me at myouse@fulton58.org if you have any questions or concerns. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @healthyfms and sign up for text reminders by texting @youse(child's grade) to 81010.

Ms. Glynn and Ms. Neudecker

This week 6th grade band will be focusing on learning new exercises in their book. The band has received sheet music for their next concert and they are so excited to show you what they have learned this year. Next year in 7th grade we will be finishing up what we can in the book and then moving on to book 2 of the Essential Elements Series. Please continue to encourage your student to take their instrument home and practice. We are working on two pieces of sheet music titled Bravado Tango and the Gladiator. Next week we will also be pulling out the band in sections to more individualize instruction as the concert draws closer. Our next concert is scheduled for Thursday May 12 at 6:00 PM in the middle school gym. More information will be sent out as it becomes available.

7th grade band is still using book 2 in the Essential Elements series. Please make sure that if you have not bought a book that your student brings money to do so. Woodwinds and Brass are $8.00 and Percussion is $15.00. Please make sure you do this as soon as possible so your student can practice at home. Students are also working on more complex rhythmic patterns. Please make sure that you are encouraging your students to practice at home. The music is harder, and we are so excited that the band is stepping up! One of the pieces is a march and one of the pieces is a traditional folk song. They are titled Lone Eagle March and Shepherd's Hey. The band is also getting pulled out one section at a time for sectionals. If your student feels that they need extra help or attention MS. Neudecker and myself are available for practice after school on Wednesday's from 3:30 - 4:30. The next concert is scheduled for Thursday May 12 in the middle school gym. More information will be sent home as it becomes available!

8th Grade band has received new scale sheets and are working on more complex music for their end of the year concert. We are very excited to show everyone what we have been working on all year. The band is working on 2 selections for our Spring Concert, Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral and a Medley from the Little Mermaid. Please encourage your students to work on their make up assignments for their rhythm sheets, emails are sent home to parents and students weekly. Please encourage your students to get these turned in! There will also be a parent meeting for any students that will be entering high school band next year on Tuesday May 17 in the high school band room at 6:30 PM. Please come and become a parent volunteer, we are always happy to have you! More information about band camp will also become available at this meeting!

8th Grade students may have also signed up to help with the Jazz Band Big Band Dance at the high school. This will take place on Saturday May 7 at 5:00 PM - 10:00 Pm. If they have signed up to help they can be there as early as 2:30 to help set up tables and to decorate! Please let me know if you, as a parent are interested in helping as well!

Please make sure that students are getting their missing work in as soon as possible! If you need to know if your student has a missing assignment please do not hesitate to get a hold of me. I have sent home emails about missing rhythm sheets.

As always, if you ever have any questions please feel free to contact Ms. Glynn or Ms. Neudecker at sglynn@fulton58.org or kneudecker@fulton58.org. Thank you for your continued support!

FMS Jazz Band

Mr. Chapman

From The Art Room

8th Graders are putting the finishing touches on their Altered Book Project. these turned out amazing, and they did such an outstanding job on these.

7th Grade Just finished up several projects, and now they are submitting plans for thier final individualized projects.

7th Grade Wheel classes are working on Illuminated letters as we continue with the "art about you" theme moving into their own Personal Coat of Arms next.

6th Grade just finished up a series of projects, and we are now outside drawing trees

WIN: ( 8th Grade Art Enrichment)Students are working on Keith Harring mini posters.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at cchapman@fulton58.org

Ms. Lehman and Dr. Moebes

The Hornet Singers have shown great growth through the year thus far and I'm excited to see what they can do for their final performance of the year. The students will be starting in depth work on their new repertoire this week with the theme "I Dream A World".

SO proud of what this group continues to produce in the classroom everyday.

Harmony Hornets are having a great time at their weekly Tuesday rehearsals and can't wait to showcase all they've accomplished (and will accomplish) in May!

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact me at llehman@fulton58.org.

Hornet Pride Choir (7th grade) is ready for both our events this week! This Thursday is our final concert of the year! Several members of the choir will be featured in solos or small groups during our choir selections. We will also be singing on Friday afternoon for Coach Turner's play! Choir students ARE NOT required to participate in the play, but will know the music should they choose to volunteer their time for the performance! Our other repertoire includes songs from Disney's Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. Several of our choir members are also looking forward to performing in the Talent Show Friday evening!

6th, 7th, and 8th grade Arts Alive students have been sharing their research projects with their classmates! Students are required to present their Google Slides presentation for the class. This makes each class exciting and interesting because you may learn about Conway Twitty on the same day as Fetty Wap! Students have been taking notes on their classmates' presentations as well. Volunteers to present will be permitted to go first, then we will have a random drawing for presentation order.


Choir: practice concert repertoire and MEMORIZE!

Arts Alive: Take notes in class during presentations, and be ready to ROCK your presentation if you haven't had the chance to present yet!

Please feel free to contact me any time! bmoebes@fulton58.org.