Madden the Video game

Throughout the Years

Madden Football Years

Madden football has been around for 28 years. 1988-2016.

It all started as "John Madden Football"

When a video game company agreed to make the game in 1988, it was originally called "John Madden Football," and has sold over 95 million copies, beating The Legend of Zelda, Halo, and even Pac-man. Also, pro NFL players train for games with the video game, since it's so precise. They are surprisingly accurate with guessing the super bowl outcome. In 2009, they came 2 points from the exact score of the super bowl, and got the winner right.
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It was called "John Madden Football" until 1993


Basically, between 1988-2000, the graphics got much better, but not too many changes.
Madden NFL 2000 Nintendo 64 Gameplay


Between 2000-2005, the graphics got better again, and the 3d players got better.
Madden NFL 2005 Xbox Gameplay


Between 2005-2012, a lot changed, like roster updates, and much better graphics.
Madden NFL 12: Official Gameplay Trailer


Between 2012-2016, Graphics got a lot better, and more modes, like 1 on 1 seasons, and updated rosters
Madden NFL 16 | Official E3 Gameplay Trailer | PS4, Xbox One


Q: Do you own a Madden game?

A: Yes. 5 of them.

Q: What year is your favorite?

A: Madden 07

Q: How many hours a day do you play?

A: About 1

Q: What do you think will be added to new Madden games?

A: You will be able to become the player and control the game with your mind.

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