Greek Mythology


Calypso was a goddess, she dressed in a long silvery mantle everyday. Her name inspired music, films, and marine biologists. She wore a golden belt around her waist and a veil over her head. Calypso lived in a cave. Calypso was the nymph of the sea near Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. She helped the Titans in the battle with the Olympians.


Calypso was the daughter of Titan and Pleione. Titans parents are Japet and Clymene. Pleiones parents are Ocean and Tethys.

The Odyssey

Calypso is best known for her role in the Odyssey, Calypso took in the sea-tossed Odysseus when he washed up on her island shores. After of years of loneliness, Calypso fell in love with Odysseus and seduced him and kept him captured with her for seven years. Calypso was immortal, and she wanted to make him her immortal partner. Odysseus didn't forget about his wife Penelope back in Ithaca. Zeus' command was Calypso set free Odysseus but that command was hard for Calypso to take in. She argued and argued but never got her way. unwillingly, she helped Odysseus build a raft and gather the supplies he needed to make it back home safely.
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Calypso's main power was seduction and beauty in the Odyssey. Calypso has the power to grant eternal youth as well as immortality, both of which she offered to Odysseus in hopes he would stay with her. As a nymph, she has the power to oversee the natural processes of her home island and the sea around it.