Chit Chat

Back to School Edition

Hello my friends.

Since summer is over (unfortunately) we have to trade in our sunglasses for our reading glasses.

This Newsletter will be all about how to make your semester the best ever and accomplish everything that you want.

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Letter from the lcp

Dear LC Vienna WU,

Dear Guest Readers,

Dear Friends,

The EB and the Middle Management just came back from 5-days intense preparation for the new semester - where the new AIESEC experience, recruitment, sales, SDGs-aligned iGV, the new national iGE project and the limitless winter peak which is coming are only a few topics to mention. For more updates and output from CoCo approach anyone form the delegation, I'm sure they will be more than happy to share; or also stay tuned on our fb page and on slack in order to receive the whole output and to be up-to-date. Read further in order to find some useful tips and tricks how to be ready for the upcoming challenges, and how to manage your semester, so that that you can fit university together with as much time as possible devoted to developing the leaders of tomorrow and making the world a better place!

Your excited LCP,


P.S. Thank you to the people who were at LCM last week! It was a great evening full of diverse ideas, opinions and conversations, which I enjoyed a lot!

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FA Updates

Digital Marketing:

3 Main Activities:

  • GT Campaign
  • Recruitment Campaign Planning
  • GT Campaign execution

1 Biggest Achievement:

  • GT Campaign Reach on Facebook

1 Biggest Learning Point:

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help!


3 Main Activities:

  • Transition with my two beautiful team leaders

  • Vienna B2E meeting to come up with a new market split for all iGV programs

  • Recalling schools for the November project

1 Biggest Achievement:

  • Team leader transition

1 Biggest Learning Point:

  • Working during summer is by far not as easy as I thought, both for me and for others, people are available at different times and it’s difficult to get a meeting with more than 2 people :D - when creating task forces check everyone’s availability specifically and set the deadlines according to that


3 Main Activities:

  • Finished manager transition
  • National task force is preparing RIS and we already invited all the EPs who are back in vienna to join. The date is not fixed yet as we sent out the doodle but we will have it soon.
  • I chaired the first LCM after the summer holidays. Jakub did all the preparations and I did the talking, but still shoutout to Jakie my homie, I love you. We even had some external guests, mainly alumni and Dieter, the new president of AIESEC Alumni Austria introduced himself to our members. Afterwards we had a nice hangout in the office.

1 Biggest Achievement:

  • Finally finished transition with Cansu and Roma and I feel like we are prepared to rock 'the BIGGEST winter peak for AIESEC in Austria' (direct quote from CoCo :D)

1 Biggest Learning Point:

  • Uni relation meetings are not scheduled yet, but I have sent out all the necessary emails to the FHs in our market and when I am back from CoCo I am going to take care of WU departments and ÖH.

Business Analytics:

3 Main Activities:

  • As mentioned last time, ALPS is in full swing right now and Dawit and his complete team started working already in order to make ALPS happen.
  • I finally managed to finish the office management system and by the time recruitment finishes we will have the working place we will enjoy working in
  • After lagging with work not he tracking spreadsheet and double-entry bookkeeping, I am finally catching up and we as the BA commission are putting a lot of effort to finish a tracking spreadsheet that is relevant, intuitive and really helps the middle management analyse the essential processes, improve them and perform.

1 Biggest Learning Point:

  • I learned that when having quite some stuff to do, it is very important to always prioritise. And it started helping me a lot. Although it is a process that takes a lot of thought, it pays off in the end.


  • Vacation.
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Tips to increase productivity

1. Create To-Do Lists:

Creating a To-Do List of all of your tasks will help you keep an overview. A great tool for that is Google Tasks, which lets you sync to your calendar and your e-mail.

Break down your big tasks into smaller tasks so it will be easier for you to accomplish them and you will get a good feeling every time you cross something off your list.

Another thing to keep in mind is to create deadlines for your tasks, that way you will be able to stay on top of everything.

2. Take Breaks

Since our focusing ability is getting shorter and shorter, it's hard to sit and study or work for longer periods of time effectively. Take breaks while you're studying. Work for an hour, then stand up from your desk, go for a walk, eat a snack, smoke a cigarette and then get back to it. It will allow you to be much more effective.

3. Weed out Distractions

While you're studying, resist the temptations to go on social media. If you don't need the internet to study, just put all your devices away. In case you do, just put your phone away so you don't automatically pick it up and go on Facebook. That way you will be able to study more effectively.

4. Sleep early, Wake up early

Everyone knows that it's important to have a social life. But you have to set your goals, and if you're going out every evening and going to sleep late, you will also not be able to work productively in the morning. Designate times when you will see your friends and when you work and stick to it!

5. Prepare every evening

Mornings can be very stressful. Before you head to bed, you can prepare your clothes for the following day, prepare some food that you can eat the next day, that way you will have less stress in the morning and will be ready for the day in no time!

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General Assembly

There is another General Assembly coming up (remember, it's mandatory for all official members).

You will find out about the plans and plan fulfilment of all the VPs and Areas and also some new legislations. Don't miss it!

It will be on the 28. September from 13:00 - 18:00!

We look forward to seeing you there.

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LCP elections

Yaaaaaaay it is that time of the year again where the LC has to elect it's new leader for the following term - LCP elections!

We are certainly very excited about it and we're sure you are too!

You will not want to miss this (and as with the GA, attendance is mandatory for Official Members)!

We urge you to read through the applications once they are available, so that you can be as active as possible during the Q&A of the applicants!

We are looking forward to seeing you there - on the 30th of September at 18:00 - 20:00.

And be prepared to party with the new LCPe!

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The end

Thank you for checking in on another edition of Chit Chat!

We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward for the semester to start!


EB Avant Garde!