by Evie Vela Geography A-1 11/9/14

Why Come to Honduras?

Honduras is a beautiful and inexpensive place to travel to. Packed with exquisite rainforests and Mayan ruins, Honduras is the ideal destination for any curious traveler.


Most of the population of Honduras are Roman Catholic about 97%, and 7% are Protestant. Although more people are taking to the Protestant religion everyday, more than those who are Roman Catholic.
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The language most spoken in Honduras is Spanish. Many people in Honduras still speak indigenous languages.


About 90% of the population in Honduras are ethnically mestizos, 7% indigenous people, those of African descent 2%, and 1% of those are European descent.

Traditions and Customs

Honduras has many customs and traditions. Honduras has many celebrations including Christmas on December 24th and New Years Eve on December 31st where families make tamales wrapped in banana leaves and fireworks end the day.


The economy of Honduras is a free market economy mainly based on agriculture. The GDP for Honduras is $4,700. Unemployment is estimated at, at least 28%. Honduras has significantly diversified its export base to not only include bananas and coffee, but also apparel and automobile wire harnessing.


Holidays in Honduras can be quite confusing because each town or city may have its own holiday for that particular area. Although, Honduras celebrates it independence day on September 15. Children's day celebrated on September 10th, a day in which children receive presents, Day of the Soldier to celebrate the birth of Francisco Morazán on October 3rd. Many holidays are legal in Honduras. Christmas is a very important holiday for Honduras because it has a lot of religious meaning.

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