What to Mention to a NYC Charter Bus Company?

New York City has so many stories to tell and wonderful attractions, that it can be found on most of the travelers’ must see cities list. Many of the people who choose to visit the city come together with friends and families because it is so much fun to discover the city accompanied by your dear ones.

Considering the fact that NYC is a really big city, groups of people prefer to book a charter bus in advance from a NYC charter bus company. This is a wise thing to do, especially if you want to save some money and time. Having a charter bus always waiting to take you to any attraction of the city will make things a lot simpler and funnier. You won’t have to worry about public transportation, schedules or directions, and of course you won’t have to try and figure out a way to stop one of the legendary yellow cabs. Your charter bus will be there for you and your family and friends, and your driver will know all the routes and shortcuts.

If you want your experience with the NYC charter bus company to be successful and your sightseeing trips to be comfortable, here are the things you need to inform the company of:

Your group size

It’s important to mention the number of people that you need transportation for. You should choose a charter bus that has enough seats for everybody and it’s not bigger than you need. You don’t want to pay more for a charter bus bigger than required. In order to rent the right charter bus, you should talk to each passenger and ask them for firm confirmations. To be sure that everybody will join you, you may ask them to pay for their share of the transportation fee. This way, you can rest assured that everybody will be at the departure point.

Your preferences

The NYC charter bus company you are going to work with should know all the facilities you need for your sightseeing trip. You should mention if disabled passengers will be a part of the trip and if they need special facilities. Most of the charter buses in New York City are equipped with air conditioned, so you won’t have to worry about this aspect, but if you want some extra comfort, you could ask for entertainment facilities, rest room and internet.

Your route

The charter bus company should be able to know the exact route you want your driver to follow. It’s important to provide them with a list of all the attractions you want to see and places you would like to visit, so they can assign you a driver who knows the way. Also, this will help them establish the number of hours or miles you need the charter bus for and will ask you for a fair price.

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