HES Library Media Center Newsletter

June 2019

Looking Back on the 2018-2019 School Year

This has been a great year in the Library Media Center this school year! There have been some many great books checked out this year. Our top five readers each had over 64 checkouts this school year and were all from 3rd Grade! Thanks to the HES PTA we have brand new basketball books that will be ready to check out next school year!

We learned a lot of Library Media skills during this school year. There were many new procedures learned, vocabulary terms learned, and how to research!

We have had a great time working on centers and using our coding robots in Library Media classes. As students work on these different centers they get to work on problem solving skills, engineering skills, cooperation skills, communication skills, as well as their creativity skills.

See below for some of their projects that have been created during this time!

Keep That Summer Slide Away!

One of the best ways to prevent the summer slide is to read for 20 minutes every day. There are so many ways to accomplish this goal. There are audio books, a shared read aloud with parents or other siblings, reading to a stuffed animal or pet, or taking advantage of the free eBooks from Capstone Publishing. Directions for access is found below.

Free Access to a Huge Selection of eBooks until August 31st!

username: capstonesummer

password: interactive19

Website for online reading: www.mycapstonelibrary.com

Sign in with Capstone Interactive

Free iPad app that allows for offline reading:

"Capstone Interactive"

Public Library Summer Programs

The Public Library in St. Mary's County has lots of great activities going on this summer. Soon you will be able to sign up for their summer reading program. Keep checking their website for more information. Below you will find their flyer for all the different fun activities that the different branches will be hosting! Make sure you take some time to visit the public library this summer!

The White Rabbit Bookstore

How many of you know about The White Rabbit Bookstore? It is a great children's bookstore located in Leonardtown! The White Rabbit is found in the same shopping center as Ledo's Pizza and Salsas Mexican Restaurant. They will also have special events and book clubs that will be happening all summer. Below is the June Calendar of Events and a list of their book clubs. I highly recommend checking out this bookstore this summer. I know that I will be visiting it often!

Make Summer Reading Fun

There are so many ways to make summer reading fun. I've been doing a lot of research on some fun ideas. They will be listed below with links to any supporting documents. Please share with me through Twitter, email, or our Padlet (details found below) how you are keeping summer reading fun!

Summer Reading Ideas

Punch Card Bookmarks

I always like getting punch cards from different business to keep track of earning something for free. This can easily be accomplished with reading! Before starting decide on a "prize" for getting all the books punched out. This prize could be an activity for the family to do together or could be a special summer treat! Then each time your child reads for 20 minutes they get a punch on their bookmark. Or each punch can count for a book! Below you will find a document with a bookmark that I created. The kids can decorate them or if you have multiple children using these, print them on different colored paper. Don't forget parents and guardians can do this too! Being a positive reading role model is very important to help develop life long readers.

Build A Bookworm

A fun way to keep track of all the books that have been read over the summer is to build a bookworm. It can either be a big bookworm on a wall or can be on a piece of paper. The bookworm on the wall gives a great visual representation for the kids to see how many books have been read. You can just jot the title down so that you can remember. On the left you can see a picture of the bookworm that I built on the wall. All you need is some fun paper and cut out circles! Or you can use the circle template I've included below. Don't forget to make one of the circles into a face! I've also included the paper copy of the bookworm that can be colored in as a book is read.
Big picture

Summer Reading Shelfie/Traditional Reading Log

Sometimes kids like keeping track of their reading on a piece of paper. I always liked to record my books read like that. I kept them so I could always go back and see what titles I read. I kept track of authors I liked or made notations when I reread a book. (Which is an OK thing to do!) I've got two different ways to record using pencil and paper. The first is a Summer Reading Shelfie. We did something similar to this during Winter Break. It can be printed on white paper and books get read, fill out a book with the title and author. The kids can decorate each book filled in. The second way is more of a Traditional Reading Log. I've added a few extra idea to those categories that are always found in a reading log.

These "logs" can be filled out with help from parents and guardians.

Tower of Books

The tower of books idea is very similar to the bookworm idea. All you need once again is some colorful paper cut up into strips. Keep track of the titles by writing them on the strips and then see how high a tower can be made. This idea also doesn't just have to be for the kids, it makes it even more special when the whole family participates!
Big picture

Make a Reading Picture Collage

A fun way to keep track of summer reading is to take pictures as the kids are reading. I always take books on vacations with me. So I made a picture collage of three pictures from my California vacation and one of me on my "staycation" on the Solomons Island boardwalk. This is a great and fun way to keep track of the summer reading memories. I would love to see these reading shots and share them out on Twitter and the HES Media Center blog!

Typing.com Access

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade students can still access Typing.com over the summer. This is something that I would really encourage! There are two ways to access the site and they are listed below.

First Way

  1. Click on the link to visit Destiny.
  2. Then click on the specific grade level site on the left column.
  3. When the new screen comes up, using the top menu bar, click on Media Classes.
  4. Scroll down until you can see the Clever icon. Then click on it.
  5. Students will need to enter their user name and password to sign into Clever. This is the same user name and password that they use at school, except the password does not have 18 added to the end.
  6. Then scroll down until they see the blue Typing.com icon and click it.
  7. They will be automatically logged into Typing.com and can begin to work on lessons.

Second Way

  1. Go to www.typing.com.
  2. In the upper right corner click on Student Login.
  3. When the login screen comes up, below username will be a dark blue button that says: Sign in With Clever. Click that button.
  4. Students will have to search for their school, by typing in Hollywood Elementary and then clicking on the name when it comes up. This will take them to the Clever login screen.
  5. Students will need to enter their user name and password to sign into Clever. This is the same user name and password that they use at school, except the password does not have 18 added to the end.
  6. Then scroll down until they see the blue Typing.com icon and click it.
  7. They will be automatically logged into Typing.com and can begin to work on lessons.
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