The Sickle Cell

The deadly gene

Sickle Cell can not be cured

The sickle cell is a heredity blood disorder that you inherit from your ancestors or ancestor. Sickle cells are red blood cells that are shaped much differently than a normal red blood cell. Red blood cells are usually oval and smooth. Sickle cells are thin and rigid. The shape and texture make these blood cells easy to clot. That is why this heredity disorder is so dangerous and incurable.

How is this natural selection?

Sickle cell is natural selection for a few reasons. Sickle-cell trait is rare in North America with a single exception--African Americans. One in 12 of them carry the sickling allele and about 72,000 have sickle-cell anemia and other related clinical symptoms. One in 375 African American children is homozygous recessive for it. It is more adaptable to African Americans, and that is how it is an example of natural selection.

3 principles of natural selection:

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What will happen in the future?

The Sickle Cell is extremely dangerous, and this is why. Less blood flow can damage the body's organs, muscles, and bones, sometimes leading to life-threatening conditions. All organs need blood to work, and if there is not enough blood for your organs, they will be very damaged, and your life expectancy will be shorter.