Myers Moment

January 8th edition


The "A" Team will begin brief observation 3 on Monday, January, 11.

Media Center and Bookroom Open for Business

We hope that both the media center and bookroom are open for business on Monday, January 11th. Please expect an e-mail from Ms. Sherwood with details on when these rooms will reopen. Many thanks to each person who helped with this huge task!

Safety Updates

Please be sure to review the powerpoint on Safety that Dr. Singleton sent out to the staff. It is imperative that teachers supervise students at all times. Students should never be left unattended. Teachers will receive a "Nesbitize" safety bag in your box. Please hang these bags on your door and add updated emergency information, current rosters, etc. A few additional safety tips are listed below.

  • Everyone at Nesbit must wear a name badge and visitors must have a visitor sticker
  • If you encounter an unknown person, please escort them to the lobby or buzz the front office
  • All visitors must check-in at the front office
  • Do not let anyone in the building after hours (4:00 or later) who is not escorted by a staff member
  • Teachers with after-school clubs should send students out the front doors to their parents. Parents should not be in the building
  • Students should not be left unsupervised for any reason
  • Teachers should be standing at their door each day to greet students from 7:40 -8:00


On Tuesday, January 12th, after the faculty meeting, 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades will remain in the cafeteria for a GMAS professional development. Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades will have IFT meetings and continue with collaborative planning.

What’s the Word? by Jacki Sellmansberger

For the past few years, I have developed the habit of choosing a word to guide my thinking as I move into the new year. I usually sit down and do a little writing in my journal about things I would like to work on, rather than just making the typical New Year Resolutions. Somehow, that has never worked very well for me, but the idea of having a “word” to focus on gives me an easy direction to move in. A couple of years ago, my word was “joy”. Life wasn’t particularly easy that year, but it seemed I found joy in so many negative situations (not happiness, mind you but that good feeling inside that helps you know things will be alright). Last year, I focused on “renewal”. I made a conscious effort to contact friends from my past and renew those friendships.

This year my word is “intentional”. I don’t want to live my life any longer, just getting by. I want to intentionally make choices because I know my heart and what I believe. I realize I may have less time ahead of me than behind me, and I want to make each day count. This isn’t living anxiously, but living with a plan. Each day, thinking about touching someone’s life to make a difference for them. That won’t happen often unless I live with intention. What is my intention as I move into my day, as I go to work, as I have opportunities to speak to my son or daughter, or a co-worker? I realize there are many times that I am blessed with an opportunity that I hadn’t planned on, but I believe I will accomplish so much more with my life as I live intentionally. Today, someone came to my office just to wish me a happy new year. I asked what they needed, because I thought surely, they didn’t just come to wish me well. But that was exactly what they came by for! What a difference that made in my day! I was so touched!

It was great seeing Jocelyn Garrison back with us today! Continue to pray for Laura Sciacca as she has had some unexpected situations to deal with. Besides her own health, her little boy broke his leg over the holidays. Anna Reeps lost another grandfather this week. That is both grandfathers in a month.

Dates to Remember

Monday, 1/11

  • 3:15 -Grade Level Team Leader Meeting in the Media Center
Tuesday, 1/12

  • 9:00 - Operational Leadership Meeting
  • 3:15 - Faculty Meeting
  • 3:45 - 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades - GMAS professional development; Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades IFT meetings/ collaborative planning.
Wednesday, 1/13

  • 7:00 - Guided Reading Book Club
  • Literacy NIT during planning
  • 5:00 pm - Beta Club induction

Thursday, 1/14

  • 9:00 - Local School Council Meeting
  • Math NIT during planning
  • 3:30 - 6:30 - TALC class in the Media Center
Friday, 1/15

Be present.... Enjoy the moment

One of my goals this year is to be present and be grateful for the moment. When we focus on the present moment, that is where we find moments of pure joy and peace. We often head from place to place so quickly that we forget to take a break and just enjoy the moment. The video below shows how everyday people are focused on the present and enjoy the moment.
Dancewalk! - SoulPancake Street Team