Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero?

On a scale of 1-10? Your a 0

Andrew Jackson was definitely as zero. He broke laws that were written in the constitution by illegally taking land from innocent Native Americans who owned the land when he discovered there was gold and good land and soil for agriculture, This was a violation of the 5th amendment which referred to property. The Indian act" caused many deaths of native americans because Andrew jackson broke promises and agreements that were made to keep them alive, protected, healthy and provided with shelter when they were forced to move south.


Andrew Jackson was more like a tyrant then he was a president. He made laws and had the most power instead of it being the people who own the government. Another problem that was noticed repeatedly during Jackson"s presidency was the amount of veto's he used during his term which caused alot of people to dislike him.

Problems with Jackson

Andrew Jackson created the spoil system, a system that rewards supporters and political allies of winning candidates with government jobs weather they qualified or not, which was not done for the good of the people, but was only done for what he wanted. Jackson also eliminated the bank of the united States because of his hatred towards it that came from and incident before he became president. He was a wealthy slave owner, he lost money because of fiscal polices and no longer supported the idea of a national bank which was also only based on his opinion and wants, instead of what was best for the people. He even vetoed the claiming after it was already declared constitutional!
Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency - PBS Documentary
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Political Cartoon

Andrew jackson was a tyrant who abused his power, he used the most vetoes and broke the laws of the constitution which is shown in the photo above with him stepping on it.