Introducing my family:

Kari, Benny, Corniglio, Ratona, Leoncio, Peppermint and Theo


My wife Kari is a Computer Systems engineer who will join me as soon as I find a home.

We are a very clean, hardworking, healthy (no drugs, no smoking), family oriented and quiet couple and we like to stay away from noisy and party neighborhoods. We enjoy the outdoors, reading, cooking and just before we were handed this amazing opportunity, we were working on a beautiful garden growing our own herbs and small vegetables.

My wife will stay at home and take wonderful care of your house. Our pets will never be left unattended; the yard and house will be kept clean of waste and properly disposed of according to city guidelines.

She would like to find an opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community and eventually, enroll for some classes at the local community college or university.

We will make sure to arrange for reliable pet care if we travel out of town and comply with all local ordinances regarding pets such as licensing, vaccination, etc. All of our pets are neutered/spayed, never had fleas or contagious illnesses and the cats are litterbox trained.

Name: Benny

Age: 11 years

Personality: Benny is our oldest cat. He’s been with us for so long we can’t picture our family without him. He loves to sleep on a dining chair and stays there for hours. He’s super clean when using his litter box and demands it to be cleaned daily. He, like the others, is an indoor-only cat who loves photo shoots, to watch a movie on our laps and greet visitors into our home.

Name: Corniglio

Age: 9 years

Personality: Corniglio is the sweetest cat. He loves to cuddle with us and the other cats and loves our dogs too. He’s trained to come when called and loves to sit with us when we’re using the computer or reading a book. He’s great with kids and enjoys all the attention.

When you meet him, make sure to rub his belly and he’ll love you forever.

Name: Ratona

Age: 7 years

Personality: Unlike Benny and Corniglio, she doesn’t trust strangers very much but once she gets to know you, she loves to be around you and sit on your lap as soon as you sit on the couch. She loves her set of scratching posts and her toys. She gets cold easily so you’ll most likely find her sleeping under a blanket.

Name: Leoncio

Age: 6 years

Breed: Beagle

Personality: Leoncio is a very sweet and noble dog. He likes attention and being pet. He enjoys playing fetch with us at the backyard and loves to take a bath. He’s an outside only dog and not allowed inside the house but we make sure we offer him proper housing against cold, heat or rain. He’s not aggressive, he enjoys people and knows how to behave at off-leash parks. He’s never allowed to roam in the neighborhood and only goes out on a leash and with us.

Name: Peppermint

Age: Approximately 9 years

Breed: Beagle

Personality: We rescued Peppermint from a very busy highway. She and Leoncio instantly clicked and love to be together. She’s an outside only dog as well but she’s fully housebroken.

She’s a very sweet dog, not very active because of her age and loves sleeping on the grass. She loves dinner time but is trained to sit still until food has been served for both dogs. She adores being around people, especially kids. She only goes out on a leash.

Name: Theo

Age: 5 years

Personality: Theo is a very handsome and shy cat. He likes to play with his toys and can play fetch for hours. He also enjoys some time alone to rest and relax. He’s very loving and affectionate with a really good temper. He was rescued as a kitten from a truck engine after travelling more than 1.5 hours.


Former landlady: Ana Luisa Vargas +52 (81) 81142369

Former neighbor: Rebeca Gonzalez +52 (81) 10238548

Please also see attached letters of recommendation.

We are sure our pets can be great tenants and we are willing to put up the necessary pet deposits and get renters insurance. We will also be glad to schedule visits so you check on your home and certify we’re indeed taking good care of it.