the history of motown


the temptations

There was a kid from Detroit named Otis Williams and he wanted to make a group. So

he went on to search for the best singers in he`s neighborhood and he found them. There names were Eddie Kendrick, Paul Williams, Dennis Edwards and last but not least David ruffin. It took them at least 3 years to get their first hit and tour for the song my girl. The friends he saw in the neighborhood were already apart of a group called the distants and the primes and they left theirs to form a group called the elgins with Otis. So they walked to Motown and they audition. But berry gordy told them to change their name and they sat for hours till the found the name the temptations. So then they signed with Motown they went on to sell many of albums. They were known for choreography distinct harmonies and the flashy wardrobe they influence alot of people today and they are still going.

the supremes

the supreme`s were a female group that started in the 1960s. At that time they were called the primetts in Detroit Michigan the founding members of this group Dianna Ross

Mary Wilson Florence Ballard then the went from sister act to the primes and so they sign with Motown and berry gordy then after that berry renamed them the supreme`s

the Michael jackson

Michael Jackson was born august 29 1958-June 25 2009 he was the eighth child of his family he was also part of the Jackson 5 in 1964 him and his brother Marlon joined his

brothers to then form Jackson 5 he started as singing in the back ground then he started sharing lead with he`s brother Jermaine they toured the Midwest from the 1960s then the won their fist big talent show in 1966 then as he got older he went solo to become one of the best music icons in history

The Temptations - Just My Imagination