Material Data And Safety Sheet


Symbol: AR

Atomic Mass : 67 kg

Discovered by: Maragrito Almonaci and Audelia Rojas of San Luis dela Paz Mx

Occurrence: High Concentrated deposits located in Rhs, cooking, Spray painting and landscaping. Low deposits found in camps or clubs. Likes to be independent and do projects on his own.

Physical Properties

  • Surface is really long, dark brown hair with brown eyes and skin.
  • Boils When people try to hurt my family , friends, and pride.
  • Melts when hard work pays off.
  • Can cause destruction of limits if given tools and time to surpass his limits.
  • Becomes stubborn and unyielding when things affect him personally.
  • Specimens can be found in various states

  • Happy when hangs out with little kids.
  • Pumped when spray painting.
  • Calm when cooking.

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by people who don't want to work and heated ac.
  • Is attracted to hard workers and positive people.
  • May explode spontaneously if confronted in a disrespectful way for no reason.
  • Requires copious amounts of Mexican food.
  • Is inert if in calm peaceful places in nature.
  • Is Impervious to summer heat and resistant to winters cold weather.