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Newsletter 3 - Friday 18th March 2022

Tumuaki/Principal Pānui

Kia ora koutou e te whānau o Kaikōura Suburban,

We have had some exciting learning adventures at Kaikōura Suburban over the past two weeks climbing the mountain of learning for life

A huge congratulations to our newly awarded Fyfe FORCE leaders who were awarded their leaders badges in our leaders assembly. Michaela Watt has created a video of our tamariki presenting their speeches to our leaders assembly. This video can be found on our whānau/parent facebook page. Which you can find at this link here: https://fb.me/g/1ghD9CXig/BTciqWRW. If you haven't already joined this group the link will also make you a member of it.

On the same day our leaders were presented with their badges they went out into the community and began their leadership journey. As part of the sea week celebrations, our Fyfe FORCE leaders went to South Bay and did a full beach clean up. We walked the distance of the bay collecting plastics, bottles and fishing gear that was abandoned on the beach. In true Fyfe FORCE spirit our children were practising the value of Kaitiakitanga - Guardianship of our land and seas. Thank you to Sports Tasman and The Kaikōura tramping club for their support for the day. The children were greeted with a BBQ that was sponsored by the Tramping Club and Wenbo Mao from Sport Tasman, organised everything for us. Barry Dunnett, Ben and Neve Dunnett's grandfather joined us to talk about the environment, conservation and he and his family history in Kaikōura.

Mauri ora kia koutou katoa. Wishing you and your family good health and wellbeing.

Nā Alicia Poroa

Kaikōura Suburban School

Fyfe FORCE learners the place where climb the mountain of learning for life.

Kia eke eke taumata.

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Piwakawaka News

Last week was Sea Week and with Jerusha’s help the Piwakawaka class created ocean pictures using a range of media. The children looked carefully at the shape and detail in the different sea creatures and used this inspiration to draw their own. After the drawings were completed with pastels, they painted over the entire page with water colours then added cellophane seaweed and tinfoil sea creatures to give the pictures depth. They look fantastic on our wall. Feel free to come and have a look.

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Keeping up with the Toroa's

The past fortnight in Toroa we have been busy, doing lots of awesome learning.

We had our leadership assembly where we listened to our Fyffe FORCE leadership speeches. The video for the assembly can be found on our 2022 Whānau page - https://fb.me/g/1ghD9CXig/BTciqWRW.

In writing, we have been looking at persuasion. Specifically, how to write a persuasive piece of writing and how to give strong reasons to convince the reader/s.

Below we have Isla Macphail's persuasive writing letter to Miss Watt.

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L4L has taken off! Our focus is on identifying and comparing ways of establishing relationships and managing changing relationships. To help us understand this, we are looking at the different roles within a team and how that leads to success.

Communication - Clue Scavenger Hunt where students got into teams of 4. Each person within the group had a role that they had to stay in to support their team - Writer, reader, collector/grabber, Carrier. Each group had solve the riddle, write the answer, collect the items and put it into a bag. Another communication activity that we did was with lego. Students were in teams of 4 and each person had a role that they had to stay in to support their team - instructions reader, builder, lego piece finder and lego piece passer.

Problem solving and decision-making - Egg drop challenge in teams of 4. Each team had create a protective device for their egg to save it from being broken when dropped from a height. Team could only use: 1m of tape, 1m of string, x2 A3 pieces paper, x1 pair of scissors, x1 piece of tissue paper, AND the teams had to use problem solving to add the items that collected from the clue scavenger hunt!

Adaptability and planning and trust are the next activities that we will look into before we reach our second idea, where the Toroa students decide the direction they want to take for our overall.

Piwakawaka and Toroa Buddy Reading - Tuakana/teina

The tuakanateina relationship, an integral part of traditional Māori society, provides a model for buddy systems. An older or more expert tuakana (brother, sister or cousin) helps and guides a younger or less expert teina (originally a younger sibling or cousin of the same gender). In a learning environment that recognises the value of ako, the tuakana–teina roles may be reversed at any time. For example, the student who yesterday was the expert on te wā and explained the lunar calendar may need to learn from her classmate today about how manaakitanga (hospitality) is practised by the local hapū.

Ministry of Education (2022) - https://tereomaori.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-guidelines/Teaching-and-learning-te-reo-Maori/Aspects-of-planning/The-concept-of-a-tuakana-teina-relationship

Caricatures with the Titi's

Last week, we explored Caricature Art. We learned that caricatures are a drawing that makes someone look funny or silly because some part of the person's appearance is emphasised. Pop into the Art Room for a giggle!

Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday, March 31st, 6:30pm

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