Newsies Report

Alex Matsick

My name is Donny Maplin. I'm a newsie in downtown Brooklyn. My brother Frankie helps me sell papers. He's 8 years old so he gives 'em the lip and we sell the papers. Frankie is on the far right, I'm in the middle and my bud Mikey is on the left. Me and Frankie live on 51st street in the alley by Gerald's bakery. Life's hard selling papers is all Frankie and me do all day except a occasional smoke or, a bite to eat. Mikey is a good kid but his dad beats him most of the time. I wish I could help him but his dads too drunk to answer the door half the time, And he keeps Mike's room under lock and key. Sometimes Mikey stays with us over night in the alley. We find clothes in the dumpster behind Sear's. They have missing buttons or stained sleeves but we take what we have to. It's sad what some kids have to go through. There are little brothers and sisters living like animals and all rich folk do is prance around in their fancy clothes and what not. They get me real upset. Hope fully when i turn 15 we can get a better life. For now selling papers keeps us going. It's our life.