Perseverance letter

Noah Galloway and Nick Vujicic


- Family and friends supported them

-Both lost a limbs

-Motivational speaker


-Nick was born without arms and legs

-Noah lost a leg and arm in the war

- Noah was depressed

Oprhan Train Rider

In the story, "Orphan train rider" Lee who is the main character, had a problem because he was separated from his brothers. By being separated from his brothers, he felt sad, angry, and showed anger towards the people at the orphanage. Also, he became overprotected of his younger brother. H was overprotected by watching Leo and Gerald and by standing by them. One solution to how he reacted to his problem was when he moved to another family where they treated him right. This solution was good because they accepted him for who he was. As a result, he became happy again and overcame his problems.

Montegomery Bus Boycottt

Dec 1, 1955 -Rosa parks was arrested while sitting in the white section of the bus.

Dec 5, 1955-Rosa s convicted by the court. This causes a one day bus boycott.

Feb 21,1956- Ninety bus boycott leaders are charged with breakers a law that says boycott are against the law.

Dec 20, 1956- The supreme court ruling against segregation takes effect.

Dec 21, 1956- Black citizens end their 13- month boycott.

Rosa Parks adversity

On of the defining moments in Rosa parks life was the adversity that she faced. Rosa parks was apart of the NAACP she faced a life changing event when she wouldn't get off the bus for an white man to sit. Rosa was an African American.In the 1900 it was called segregation so the whites went whites and the blacks went with the blacks. Rosa was also an woman so being black and a woman was threated because women wanted to get into politics. She was also born into provity , so she didn't have much to live on. When Rosa was old enough she got an working for all of the white bosses. Rosa life was a series of opsticious being born into nothing. Being black and a woman was harder than you can imagine. Rosa didn't have it easy but she lived through,