Digital Citizenship

7th Period Info Tech

Self-Image and Identity

Digital Media is contents of texts, graphics, and videos that can be transmitted through the internet. Digital Citizenship helps to teach whoever is using the internet rules of good citizenship. People usually turn to this when in need of protecting your private information, or even to help deal with bullying.

You never realize how important the digital media actually is until you get assigned a report and know nothing about the topic. Maybe you just need some help with an assignment, so you call up your friend on facetime and they can help you out a little. The possibilities from the media are endless. You just have to know the right way to use it.

Eva's Story - Grade 6 Oops, I broadcast it on the Internet -

Digital Footprint and Reputation

A digital footprint is a trail that's left behind. It can include usage on TV, mobile phones, internet and world web, and even your other mobile devices. A consequence is a result of an action or condition. So I'm assuming once you graduate or even before that you'll like to get a job, or attend a college. Everybody needs money and some education at some point of their lives. Say you're getting ready for an interview for any job you'd like, and they say they'll contact you back and see if you've made the job. Before that they check anything, your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. If they happen to see something they don't like, rather you said something mean or posted a bad picture they might not accept you. Even if you think it's deleted its not. Nothing is ever deleted permanently no matter how hard you try. Anyone can see it. So keep that in mind next time you wanted to post something online.

Privacy Student Intro Video - The Digital Footprint
Communication at Work - Part 7 The Danger of Assumptions

Relationships and Communication

Your image is the representation of the external form of a person. A double standard is a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups. At some point of your life you're going to end up with some sort of social media. Whether it's Facebook, or something else, there's going to be people you don't know "friend" you or want to speak to you at some point. Sometimes this can be a good thing. Some people will think "Ohh cool, more friends", but others are hesitant because you can't tell if they are serious about who they are or if they're just lying. If you really wanted to know who they are you could try Skyping or Facetiming. Before you end up with a relationship with someone online I'd make sure you know who they are first.