Clark Block 2

Cobalt Info

Cobalt is a Blue,Shiny metal Is a very magnetic material that has a High temperature strength with a melting point of 2723°F this is very helpful to use in jet turbines. It is found in strange noodles on the floors of oceans. these contain a lot of cobalt together with many other materials its also a by-product of nickel refining It also has a isotope cobalt-60 that helps cure cancer through helping be source of gamma rays. Also In large amounts cobalt is known to give cancer.

Cobalt Cody's Story

Once upon a time there was a person named Cody the Cobalt. From a young age Cody was always teased and called names like goblin due to his appearance. When Cody got older he started stacking metal boxes at the box he did this job because they tended to stick to him so he had a hard time droping them. So he continued this job for many years and was known for his good job at not droping these extremely heavy crates.

He also was very strong one day there was a accident at the boat caught on fire so he ran inside and started getting people out now noticing the fire didn't hurt him. After that he thought of the good Idea of being a firefighter and started his job as one and did an excellent job. Then one day he continued his job and a dragon attacked the town killing people.

After this he knew he could withstand the dragons fire and was strong so he told the people of the town that he would vanish the dragon. So that day he set forth to go to the dragons lair and take it out once and for all. He met many locals on his way who were astonished of him but continued to fight the dragon. Cody entered the dragons lair and was blasted by the dragons fire but was unaffected by its heat and continued walking towards it and killed the dragon. years later once he entered back into the city Cody died and all that was left of him was made into a ceramic blue vase the end.