Symbaloo is for You!

Make an account!

After creating the account, click on the account icon in the upper right corner.

Click "My Profile" and fill in information.

Using a Symbaloo from Another User

Click in the Search box (upper right) then type the topic you want to search, such as "beginning sounds."

Click the blue button to switch the search to "Webmixes."

Click a Symbaloo you want to explore.

If you like it, then click on the orange "Add this webmix."

It will be added to your account as a tab.

That Webmix is now in your account, and will receive any updates from the creator.

Editing Another User's Symbaloo

After you have added another user's Webmix, follow these directions to add to it. When you do this, you take away the ability of the Webmix to receive updates from the original creator.

Click on the "Share" icon- it looks like 2 lines connected by dots.

Choose "Stop updates." This unlocks the webmix to make it your own.

The "Options" button will now appear above the webmix. Click on it.

This allows for the editing window to appear so that you can add your own tiles, change the size, change the background, and rename it.

Big image

Create Your Own!

Creating Titles for Your Symbaloo

Click on an empty tile. Click on "Create a tile" to change the color, add the website address, and choose an icon. You can also label your tiles here. You can search for a pre-made tile by choosing "Search a tile."

Editing a Tile in Your Symbaloo

Right click on the tile you want to edit. You can move it, delete it, and even share just this one tile out.
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You want to show your students, their families, and your friends.

Click on the "Share" button to share your site out to your friends, and their friends and family.

Describe the Webmix so that students can access it at home.

Click the orange button "Share My Webmix" and copy and paste the link into whatever you want!

I recommend you paste it in your web site.

Thanks for attending!