An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge

Anthony Cleaves


The conflict of this story is a man named Farquhar and he is getting hung on a bridge he has set on fire. This conflict is internal and external it is internal because he thinks he has escaped in the water and has reached home with his family but he is really dead the whole time. It is external because he is getting hung and he is dyeing.
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The Theme of this story is things don't always appear as they seem. I think this is the theme because in the story it seems he is getting away and going to have his life back with his family but he is really dead.


This story has both indirect and direct characterization. Indirect is when they say he sets the bridge on fire and this is indirect because they are saying Farquhar is bold and daring without saying that he is bold and daring in the story they are telling us that by him starting the fire. Direct is when he is tell the reader what he looks like.


This is story has imagery in it because when he thinks in his mind he has escaped from the soldiers and has come home to his family then he finally realizes he is dead. The author is using imagery because if he did not use this it would not be suspenseful and that is what the reader is thinking because it says he is getting hung then it is saying has escaped and people are thinking what is going to happen and then at the end they realize it was all just in his mind.
A Hanging At Owl Creek Bridge

Plot Line

Exposition: Farquhar is a a regular man with a job then he is visited by a soldier at his home, the soldier tells him he they are remaking a bridge and he can mess with it but Farquhar does not know he is a northern soldier.

Rising Action: Farquhar goes to the bridge and he starts it on fire with out knowing he is not allowed to.

Climax: He got hung on the bridge he started on fire and he thinks he is still alive but he is really dead.

Falling Action: He thinks he has escaped from the soldiers and them shooting at him, he reaches a road and walks it.

Resolutions: He thinks he has got home and opens the gate and his whole family runs and goes to huge him but at that moment he realizes he is dead.