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The Young Elites: By Marie Lu

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  • Adelina - Main Character
  • Enzo - Leader of the Young Elites
  • Teren - Leader of the Inquisition, or peacekeepers
  • Raffaele - Important Member of the Young Elites


  • Kingdom of Kenettra - Fictional country that is very similar to Italy
  • Town of Estenzia - Capitol/port city

Major conflicts:

Adelina is recruited by the Young Elites, a secret organization of young people with special powers, and is valuable for her ability to create illusions with her mind. The main conflict occurs between her and the Inquisition when she accidentally kills her father and runs away from home. When the Young Elites find her, she joins them in their quest to dethrone the king and put an end to the oppression of the law. She is also in conflict with the leader of the Inquisition because he threatens to hurt her sister if she does not give him information about the Young Elites.


Progress: Page 207/355

Rating: 3/5 Stars

I rated this book with 3 out of 5 stars because I think that is has some interesting characters and moments. However, in my opinion, the book lacks in originality and uses too many far-fetched plot devices to keep the story moving.

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Relation to Morals and Ethics

This book relates to our units words because it is about a girl who is struggling to choose between her personal morals, and the ethics of the group that she has joined. She feels an obligation to honor the values of the Young Elites, but in her society is a norm that people put their families first. Her conflict lies between honoring the authority of Enzo, and following her personal philosophies of putting family first.