Dutchtown Elementary

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Dutchtown Purpose!

We are approved to be a Personalized Learning school!

Student agency is the foundation of Henry County's personalized learning commitment. Student agency includes educators helping to build the foundation for students to be able to make important decisions in their own learning experiences. Students with high agency are aware of their strengths, needs, wants, and goals, are clear on learning expectations and how to meet them and are resourceful learners who seek information and build skills they need to be successful in college, career, and life.

What does Personalized Learning Look Like?

To personalize learning is to place the learner at the center of curriculum. Our goal is to consider these seven key elements to empowers students to be a significant part of the instructional design process:

1. Goals

2. Inquiry/Idea generation

3. Task and Audience

4. Evaluation

5. Cumulative demonstration of learning

6. Instructional plan

7. Feedback

We will be adding more information about this process soon. (Zmuda, 2017)

Check out this video about why personalized learning