International Youth Exchange “MY GREEN EUROPE” will be held between 26.10.2018 and 04.11.2018 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. Youth exchange is funding by the Erasmus+ programme. Within ten/10/ working days, 45 participants coming from nine countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Romania, Poland and Croatia) will be invited to take part in various informal activities and through them to learn more about different environmental issues, as well as different attitudes, social and institutional responsibilities in European countries on key environmental issues such as recycling or alternative energies.


Friday, Oct. 26th, 10:30pm to Sunday, Nov. 4th, 11:30pm

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

Pazardzhik, Pazardzhik

The main idea of this project is to provide young people with information about different environmental issues to raise their awareness, but also to have them take part in creative activities. In particular we aim to create a project that involves participants coming from countries that have different attitudes towards the environment, to provide the chance for young people to learn from each other. This exchange will give participants a chance to learn more about recycling, conservation, ecology, waste types and treatment methods, it will create preconditions for a better involvement in the civic policies, but it will also maybe inspire some of the participants to pursue a career in this field.

Techniques and methods that will be used will be interactive, provocative for participants, causing them to think about things and opportunities they have. These methods include various games to maintain the group’s dynamics, energizers to fully engage participants in the activities, visual materials, educational videos, presentations, printed aids, role-playing games, simulations, case studies, sessions with "Frequently asked questions", activities in small groups and in a larger group, interactive presentations and so on.

Youth Exchange - Timetable

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Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Romania, Poland and Croatia.


Number of participants per organization: 4 + 1 group leader

A total of 5 participants per organization – 4 aged between 18-30 and 1 leader without age limit.

Participants profile:

- Age between 18-30;

- Young unemployed people;

- Youth workers, NGO activists, volunteers;

- Ready to take part and fully engage in the whole Youth Exchange;

- Have organizational support for further activities within ERASMUS+;

- Able to communicate in English language.

Youth Exchange ___________ “MY GREEN EUROPE”

To participate in this youth exchange, you can apply directly. Just send your application form to this email:

Travel budget per country:

Bulgaria 0 €

Italy: 270 €

Spain: 270 €

Germany: 270 €

France: 270 €

Turkey: 180 €

Romania: 180 €

Poland: 270 €

Croatia: 270 €


Project Information Pack