Scratch resistant Lenses

by Blake,Rowe,and Jacob

1.They were used in space helmets.They protected against the dust in space and prevented scratches.They also prevented smudging.They were also used in wind shields of space shuttles.Many astronauts now use them.
2.It is used in scratch resistant sun glasses that prevent scratches and prevents spotting.They are shatter proof.They are used in many glasses now.In the past they were made of glass.They had to change from glass to plastic for safety and convenience.
3.Yes although it still prevents scratches they have changed greatly.They have changed the design and way of creation to suit price.They were used to prevent scratches in space they prevent scratches on our eye glasses for easy seeing.The shape has changed greatly from a visor to a small lens.
4.No but are used in many space helmets.It was invented for several uses.They were used in every mission from then on.Like the mars rover or apolo 11. They are still used today.
5.It was made by the NASA AIMS research center and the foster grant corperation.
Spinoff Technology: Glasses and Scratch Resistant Lenses
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