Hidden Streets of Catholicism

Betrayer revealed!

We all know that our supposed-to-be-invincible plot has been a failure. All of our leaders are now dead and Guy Fawkes is now sentenced to death today. We all know that Catholicism might be over by today in England and this could be our last issue. However, it is revealed that there has been a betrayer to our plan, which we will cover up today.

We won't go through the plot again today, as everyone had enough of that. Instead, we are going to look through what exactly happened to make our failure. This concerns a letter. It was sent by an unknown person to Lord Monteagle. This was a big problem, and the reason why is because Lord Monteagle might not have been notified about or plot. He immediately wrote to that treacherous Cecil and Cecil told the king, which then the king ordered to search the basement, which our brave Fawkes was doing his job. Poor him.

Relieved King

Now our (damned) king said to us, "It is a relief that I have been saved. This is a miracle, caused by our almighty Lord. We shall celebrate this amazing event by having a bonfire night. EVERYONE is going to participate and we shall all have great fun!"
Fun, oh yes. Anyways, we are ordered to come to this "celebration", so don't forget to come. People, this may be our last issue of Hidden Streets of Catholicism, but do not forget that we will always have Catholicism in our centre of our heart.