Friday Coffee Chat

Friday, December 18th, 2015

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Every SALE Counts!!!

Are you remembering what you wanted from this month?

Extra cash to pay for those gifts?
Earning a promotion bonus?
Proving to yourself you could rock your Jump Start?
Earning your pay rank?
Earning your Style Fix coupon?
Taking home a pay raise?
Getting qualified?
Helping a fellow team member or even hostess reach their own goal?

Less than 2 weeks left to the year and a few days left for standard shipping to get those Christmas gifts under the tree!

Be a Holiday Helper for every last possible customer with our Holiday Shipping Promise!

Have you seen my EVERY SALE COUNTS contest on our TEAM FB PAGE?

Any size order counts until Shipping Deadline!!! Just post the sale on the pinned thread on our team page and let me know your customer's name and tell us about the sale-- was it an online order to your website, did you call a top customer, help a neighbor’s husband in desperate need-- give us some deets and more importantly offer them a trunk show and to be one of your January debut hostesses!!

The winner may pick ANY Piece from the Spring PREVIEW collection. Yup, any piece. The more orders, the more entries!



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Listen to Danielle's Call HERE!

I am giving away a pack of Spring Lookbooks to someone who posts their top takeaways from this call on our FB page! Look for this pic of Danielle to post your takeaways and be entered into the draw! It's a MUST listen!!!
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Congrats to the top 10 in Sales for December as of today!

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Our Holiday Shipping Promise - 3 more days to do trunk shows! Holiday shipping deadline extended to Dec 20th in CAD and 21st in U.S!

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Holiday Shipping Promise – 3 more days for Trunk Shows!

Posted by Stella Dot in News From the Home Office on Dec 10, 2015 6:01:12 AM

Hi Stylists!

Be a Holiday Helper for every last possible customer with our Holiday Shipping Promise! Our Holiday Shipping Promise means you have MORE DAYS to book Trunk Shows!

Here’s how it works:

  1. It’s easy! Customers simply need to place their orders by 11:59pm Local Time on Monday, December 21st (11:59pm Local Time on Sunday, December 20th in Canada) selecting standard shipping.
  2. Then, our Fulfillment Center will select the best shipping method on our back end to ensure packages are delivered by Thursday, December 24th! If a package needs to be upgraded, it’s at no cost to you or your customer.

Please keep in mind - our Fulfillment Team can work miracles processing your orders, but once an order leaves the building they cannot control the uncontrollable. We strongly recommend you try to get as many orders in by the 17th as possible, because while our team and our delivery partners have promised that orders placed by the 21st (20th in Canada) can be delivered by the 24th, they cannot control the weather, broken trucks, the Abominable Snowman, when people aren’t home to accept a delivery, or any other random occurrence.

So, keep booking-in-tight and help make holiday shopping more stylish this season!


Your Home Office

Log in to lounge and click here for more FAQs on holiday shipping:


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Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for Hosting a Trunk show, wearing one necklace, joining my team of AMAZING Stylists and for reading this email. My business would simply not be, without YOU!

With Gratitude,

Kristi xo