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January 2016

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3rd Graders Are Masters of Disasters

Third grade was immersed in researching eight different forces of nature. Using the Guided Inquiry Method, the students navigated the stages to become experts in volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, wildfires, blizzards, hurricanes and tornadoes. In the Gather Stage, they used QR codes that took them to two different online databases PebbleGo and Britannica Student. They also had access to multiple trade books.

Once their research was complete, they were given a choice of four different apps to use to create their final product. They could choose to use either Skitch, Popplet Lite, Chatterpix or Puppet Pals. They also had to locate a photo in Britannica Image Quest, take a screenshot and crop it prior to using one of the apps.

They created awesome products that showed how much they learned! Check out an example below of a student's work.

Tsunamis created by a student using Puppet Pals

Forces of Nature Product

Makerspace Club

Our Makerspace Club met twice in the month of January. In honor of the newest Star Wars movie, the students created their own version of R2D2 and could make it look like anything. This really brought out their creativity.

At the second meeting, they faced a challenge of dexterity and problem solving by creating wire hearts wrapped in yarn.

Baby Makerspaces

The K-2 fixed classes started trying Makerspaces this month. Five stations were set up and once the lesson and check out was completed the students had time to explore one of the stations.

They loved this hands on learning experience!

Bluebonnet Voting

Eligible third-fifth graders attended a Bluebonnet voting party. To be eligible the students must have read at least five of the nominated titles. The students played Bluebonnet bingo for Bluebonnet books. A raffle was held for three big prizes, the tickets were earned by passing tests on the nominated titles.

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2nd Grade Fairy/Folk Tale Battle Kickoff

After learning about the characteristics of fairy and folk tales, the second graders kicked off their annual Fairy/Folk Tale Battle. There are 15 different titles and a game show style contest will be held in late April between the classes.

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Kinder researched facts about Martin Luther King Jr., using the online database PebbleGo and reading the book "The Cart That Carried Martin".

Afterwards, they created a product using their hands and putting a poem between them.

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Augmented Reality

Kinder-second graders tried out augmented reality in the library. They colored a penguin illustration and used the Colar app to bring it to life.

It was a huge hit and many were saying, "This is cool! My coloring came alive!!"

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Spring Book Fair is Coming!

Our Spring Book Fair is scheduled for Feb. 23-26. It is during the week of early release. We would love to have help! Please contact Mrs. Hinton at for more information.

All volunteers must have completed a background check prior to volunteering.

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Library Information

  • 1,787 total items were checked out
  • Check outs by grade level PK-127, K-193,1st-293, 2nd-299, 3rd-219, 4th-202, 5th-350, staff-101
  • 49 Overdrive ebook check outs
  • 260 individual walk ins
  • 59 lessons were taught. Lessons were taught on Martin Luther King, Jr., biographies, forces of nature research and product creation, characteristics of fairy and folk tales and augmented reality,
  • 29 classes came in for check out only

Upcoming Events

  • 3rd Grade Battle Kickoff
  • 1st Grade Battle Kickoff
  • Book Fair-Feb. 23-26

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