Rush Creek Media Center

News for the month of October

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices will be sent home via e-mail for parents who have e-mail accounts on file with the district. If you do not have e-mail your child will get a paper copy.

Volunteer Request

The media center can always use assistance putting books back on the shelf. You may help for as little as 15 minutes each week. Those who help are issued a media card and may check out books. If you are interested please contact Marla Kryzer, our volunteer coordinator, at or call (763)494-4549 and ask to speak with her.

Book Recommendations

I’m an avid book reader and post titles I’ve read on my Twitter account at ohlgrend. You are welcome to follow me for book titles. I usually note if it is a chapter (chptr) book or a picture (pic) book. You are not required to have a Twitter account to read it. Simply search the internet for ohlgrend Twitter and you will find it.

There is also a sidebar on the media page listing the books I have read recently. It is Miss Ohlgren's Recent Reads and is pictured below.