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July 2022 Youth Newsletter

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* * * * Special Edition of Games with Rick to * * * * FINISH THE CAMPAIGN!

Games with Rick

WHEN: The first three Wednesdays in July from Noon until 5PM.

  1. Wednesday, July 6
  2. Wednesday, July 13
  3. Wednesday, July 20

WHERE: FPC Youth Room


The group has been running a D&D campaign. The kids play characters and interact with the Eberon game world guided by Rick. The kids work together to solve problems and overcome obstacles in a fantasy world setting that blends magic and machine. They've defeated pirates, saved a town by rescuing a dragon, and become movie stars. If cooperative storytelling sounds like fun to you, then this may be your scene.

Stay Tuned. . .

New D&D Campaign with Rick

Pool Party and Movie Night

Back to School Sunday Bar

Escape Room

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