Football or Basketball?

By Aaron Keith and Gillian Cripe

Football is better than Basketball

Football is better because it is more popular, more fans, more cheering, and the stadiums make more money that way.

Audiences, Claims, and Counterclaims

Football is better because it has more fans, the audience are football lovers, former athletes, and current athletes. Football is very fun to watch, on T.V., or at the stadium! In basketball, the stadiums are much smaller, and very loud when it comes to screaming fans. But in football, there are more chances of getting hurt, as in concussions or broken bones. In basketball, there are not as many injures, maybe small concussions or still maybe broken bones.

Reasoning and Evidence

Football is better than basketball. It is healthier, and it is better to watch and to go to watch than basketball. Football is healthier because there is more working out, such as lifting weights, running, training for games, etc. Football is better to watch because it is in a wider, and more open stadium. Basketball does not have as much training as football does, and the stadium is more crowded and hot. We have taken surveys for our argument about football vs. basketball. Parents think football is better because of the variety in plays, and the players.