Room 3 News

Dec. 10-14, 2012

What we will be learning:

* Language Arts, Unit 3 Week 1 The theme is: Having Fun!

* Vocabulary: amuse, delighted, humorous, mood, ridiculous

*High Frequencey Words: (be able to read these words) away, school, today, way, why

*Spelling Words: make, take, came, game, gate, late, page, space, shop, with, why, school

* Grammar: Verbs

*Skill: Retell (Use 5 finger retell: main character, setting beginning, middle and end of story)

*Math: Unit 2: Addititon and Subtraction Strategies (fact families)

*Writing: invitations

*Science: Animals and their adaptions

Important Notes:

Odds and Ends..........

*A special Thank You to Mr. and Mrs. Barrows (Grace's parents) who stopped by to share with the class English Christmas traditions.

*Congratulations to Grace Barrows who won the Caring Citizenship Award and to Milo Evans who won the Responsible Citizenship Award.

*We still need Hobby Horses for our performance on Friday. Please send yours in if you have one and we will take good care of it!

* The holiday program is on Friday at 9am. My class will be on the right hand side of the stage as you face the stage. We still need some goodies for the cast party (sign up on the wiki to bring something).The girls should wear a dress or nice pants and boys long pants and a collard shirt.

*We are having trouble with logging onto to Raz-Kids on the ipads. It works on the computer, but not on the ipad. We are working with the company to solve this problem.

*Please remember the SSF Community Service Committee needs your help with our December Project- the Holiday Basket Drive. They need new and unwrapped gifts for teens, jackets and outerwear, toys (new and gently used), baby items (new) and bikes (new or gently used). The deadline is tomorrow, Dec. 10th. Drop them off by the office, in the front lobby.

*Please take the Speak Up Survey. Speak Up, a national online research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow, give individuals the opportunity to share their viewpoints about key educational issues. Please go to the SSF website and select the Parent Survey. Enter California and Solana-then select Solana Santa Fe from the list to begin the survey. Thank You for participating.

* I want to thank you for your time and engery in supporting my class!

I hope you had a great weekend.


Sharon O'Brien