Pros and Cons and Weebly

Digital Learning Day Presentation

About Weebly

Weebly is a website that helps with making websites for final projects. With weebly, you are allowed to make and publish your own website. If wanting to make a professional website with your own domain, you can also pay for a domain name to use.

Our Weebly: The Positives and Negatives Of Sports

For this weebly, I used my different inquiry questions that lead up to answering my driving question I used those inquiry questions to help with organizing my website and where to put information. When I wanted to insert a video, sound, pictures, links, and more, there was a bar at the top of the page with things that you could drag down to insert something. That is how I made my weebly.

Pros and Cons of Weebly


- Easy to understand

- Easy to use

- Fun to create

- It allows you to be creative


- Some people not might like the format

- Only can put popular things into the website (Ex: Google, YouTube, etc.)

- You have to buy a domain to make one that sounds more professional

About Us

Jamie- I play basketball, softball, and do track. It is my first year in Project i this year.

Sydney- I play volleyball, and swim competitively all year long. This is also my first year in Project i.