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Chocolate Lava Cake

The name will definitely increase your craving for this mouth watering, tempting dish. Filled with molten chocolate and cream on the outer side of the cake, it is one of the favorites of all kids.

The chocolate lava cake is made like any other cake except for a little addition. The cake is made using cocoa, butter, sugar , vanilla essence, eggs and the whole wheat flour. Once the batter is ready one just needs to pour some melted chocolate on it. No mixing is to be done. Leave it as it is. Then just put in the microwave for the specified time, and your chocolate lava cake will be ready.

It is called lava cake because once you cut the piece of cake the chocolate flows from it like a molten lava.

In order to make the liquid chocolate , you just need to take cocoa , milk and sugar. Mix it well till it becomes one. Once done keep it for sometime in a bowl . One can also use chocolates , just melt the chocolate. Melting can be done using a water bath on gas or by checking it after some seconds in the microwave.

This chocolate cake can be served with ice creams or shakes. It is known to be very popular among youth and children. It is available at almost every restaurant now. It can be easily made even at home.

With so many new techniques, latest baking tools and new technology, baking is a cake walk. Now a days , readymade packets of flour are available which already has vanilla essence and other things in it. One just needs to add sugar , oil , eggs and water. Eggs can be avoided if you want eggless .

The chocolate used can be any varying from dark chocolate to milk chocolate. It is useful also as it helps to ease stress and prevents depression.

One should add dark chocolates as they are good for heart as they prevent us from heart related diseases. Being healthy , scrumptious, soft and tasty it is considered to be one of the best desserts .

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