USA-Test-Prep 4 EOCT

Use to practice for EOCT

Create an USA TestPrep Account

  1. Go the website
  2. Click on the blue "Member Login"
  3. Click on the blue "Create a New Account"
  4. In Account ID field, key in gavirtual
  5. In Teacher/Student Activation Code, key in newton88
  6. Then create Login Information - use your gavirtual email address

Review concepts for MATH 2 EOCT

The EOCT counts as 20% of your grade. Unfortunately the standards are different for Math 2 than for Accelerated Math 2.

You MUST review and study for the EOCT. Just having participated in the course will NOT prepare you for THIS TEST.


Let me know if you are having any trouble with USA Test Prep

Good luck!