Clinton Middle School Newsletter - January 7, 2022


Tuesday, January 11 - Girls and Boys Basketball Games @ Brewer, 5:00pm

Thursday, January 13 - Girls and Boys Basketball Games @ Home, 5:00pm

Monday, January 17 - NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King Holiday)

Tuesday, January 18 - Girls and Boys Basketball Games @ Home, 5:00pm

Thursday, January 20 - Girls and Boys Basketball Games @ Home, 5:00pm

February 18 - 25 - CMS SPRING BOOK FAIR (Save the Dates)


Effective immediately, we will not permit students to carry water bottles out of the cafeteria after lunch. Students will throw water bottles away as they exit the cafeteria. Additionally, bottles of water will no longer be offered as a part of the free lunch, however, students may purchase a bottle of water for $1. Other beverages such as milk and juice will be made available as a part of the free lunch. If students wish to have a water bottle with them during the day, we will allow students to bring a reusable bottle from home.


We will soon begin the process of distributing new chromebooks to students. We will collect their current chromebooks, cases, and chargers and provide them with a new device, a new case, and new charger. Students who do not return their chromebook along with the charger will not receive the new technology until they do so. Students that have outstanding fees due will not get the new technology until all fees are paid in full. The technology agreements signed at the beginning of the year will still be in effect. Please contact our Media Specialist, Jana Wood, at if you have questions.


We will continue to enforce our dress code which does not allow students to wear hoods on their head while in the building. Our dress code states that "no hoods, hats, coverings, bandanas, headphones, etc. [may be worn] in the building." Students who do not comply will receive a discipline referral for "refusal to obey" and consequences will be administered. Please help us support our students by reminding them of this policy.


All students are required to have an ID with them at all times. The students should wear their IDs around their neck while on campus. If students needs to replace an ID, they can do so by going to the library in the mornings before 7:55am. Replacement IDs cost $5.00.


As we start the new year, we are excited to offer 8th Grade End of Year Activities for students who successfully complete middle school in May. The events planned include a Promotion Ceremony (8th Grade Graduation), a Promotion Cookout, a Promotion Party/Dance, and an 8th Grade trip to Carowinds. In order to participate, students must uphold behavior and academic standards that we have outlined with all 8th graders since August. When 8th grade students violate our expectations, they are assigned points and as they earn points, they lose the privilege of participating in activities. Throughout the year, students have been accumulating points for disciplinary infractions. The consequences for points are outlined below:

  • 20 points = Cannot go on the trip to Carowinds

  • 25 points = Cannot go on the trip to Carowinds or attend the 8th Grade Party/Dance

  • 30 points = Cannot go to Carowinds, or attend the Party/Dance and Cookout

  • 35 points = Cannot attend any of the activities including the Promotion Ceremony

Please note the number of points student will receive for certain infractions:

  • Fighting = 10 points

  • Vaping or possession of vaping paraphernalia = 10 points

  • ISS or OSS = same points as the number of days

  • All other infractions are at the discretion of the Administrators

  • Any failing grade in any class on a report card = 5 points for each class

Hopefully, all of our students will be able to participate in all of these exciting events as we look forward to continuing our successful year!


Now that the weather has become a little colder we thought you might be interested in purchasing a CMS Wildcats Hoodie (or T-shirt because we all hope that it warms up just a little). The Hoodies are a great way to show support for our students and stay warm while attending winter sports. We have sizes available ranging from Adult Small to Adult 3XL (currently we are out of Mediums in Hoodies). Hoodies cost $20.00 and the T-shirts cost $10.00. If you would like to purchase one please click on the link to complete the attached Order Form and bring payment to Mrs. Wood in the Library. Cash and Checks made payable to CMS are accepted. Sizes are available on a first come first serve basis.


Save the dates!! The CMS Spring Book Fair is coming to town on February 18-25! You can click on the link to visit the CMS Book Fair Website. There is information about what you can find at the in person fair and on the virtual fair. All orders made online will be shipped to your home. There are no shipping fees if your order is over $25. Go to the website to set up an eWallet. This is a great way to let kids shop and not worry about them losing their cash. Any money not spent at the fair will be credited back to the person’s credit card that set the eWallet up. Additionally, the fair can accept payment in the form of cash, credit card, debit card, eWallets, or checks made out to CMS. Fliers will be going home a week before the fair. More information will be coming in the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out the Book Fair Website and start planning your purchases.