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Show how text features can help your message.

Writing the best Author's Purpose Paragraph EVER.

To write an author's purpose paragraph, you first have to decide what your topic is. Next, decide which purpose is best to get your message to your audience. This paragraph will be an example of explain; it teaches you how to do something. Once you have your topic and purpose, begin writing. Ensure that your paragraph has complete sentences and stays on topic. When you are done, double-check that you have at least five sentences and your message has been delivered. Share your paragraph!

What you should include.

One paragraph with a single author's purpose
At least 3 of the following: Photo, Graphic, Graph, Chart, Map, OR Diagram

Bold or italic keyword

Some of the best text features:

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How your poster will be different and the same

Your poster will be about a specific topic. For example, soccer or puppies. All of your information will be about that topic. You will choose different images and words to send your message. Your poster, though, will include many of the same features: headlines, subheadings, photos, etc. Make sure you include the items on the checklist!

When you're done

Email your finished poster to Ms. Holder at morgan.holder@ops.org