February Carolina Pearls Newsletter

Looking forward to a new month!!!

What I love about the beginning of a new month, we all get to start over an re-invent ourselves. If you did not have a stellar month in January, you can put that behind you and move forward.

We had two stylists that had a Stellar month in sales: Laura Reynolds and Kelli Stanley. If you talk to them about their success in January they will tell you that they just worked the simple steps and did not let up. It is a numbers game and how many people you reach out to on a daily basis. I recommend mailing out 5 to 10 catalogs a week on Mondays and following up with them the end of the week. It is much easier to get people on the phone on a Friday and get a trunk show booked.

Do not forget we are all in our 60 days of jumpstart that ends on March 9th. This is a great way to earn free product credits and earn extra cash for signing up new stylists.

Quickstart Award: Earn $100 in free product credit when you sell $1,000 Retail Sales in your first 30 days!

In addition to the commission you'll be earning, you can earn UNLIMITED free product credit during your Jumpstart, based on your commissionable sales.

Level 1: Sell $1,000 - $4,999 Earn 10% in PC

Level 2: Sell $5,000 - $9,999 Earn 15% in PC

Level 3: Sell $10,000+ Earn 20% in PC

Team Building Bonus: For every Stylist you sponsor during your Jumpstart, who qualifies by selling $1000 Retail Sales during her Jumpstart, you'll earn $100 in cash on your Little Blue Card! Additionally, when your new Stylist sponsors someone in her Jumpstart, who then qualifies during her Jumpstart - both you andyour new Stylist will get $100 in cash!

Let's have a fabulous February! All that you do this month, will make sure you have a rocking spring with Stella & Dot.



Look Who Promoted in January

The Pearls Newest Lead Stylist!!!!
Rita Striker from Easley, SC

The Fabulous "14" in Sales for January

Please note: I went by PCV this month because samples from the spring line that stylists purchased were included in the reports for retail and I also took into account returns.
Here are the stylists that earned their 5% bonus (1500 PCV)

*** 1. Laura Reynolds- Senior Stylist $8,695 (Stellar Seller- $5,000+)***

2. Kelli Stanley- Lead Stylist $5,698 (Stellar Sellers- $5000+)

Here are the stylists that got qualified: Earning business supply credits
3. Heather Dilberto- $1,959
4. Heather Stepp- Senior Stylist $1,719
5. Dana Sellers -Star Stylist $1,971
6. Janie Roe-$1,062
7. Cindy Epps-Lead Stylist $1,083
8. Many Owens -Lead Stylist $1,030
9. Jessie Hansel- Lead Stylist $703
10. Chrissy Colburn- Lead Stylist $799
11. Lauren Whitfield- $649
12. Jillian Holmes-Lead Stylist $590
13. Jennifer Holleran-Lead Stylist $674
14. Rita Straker- Lead Stylist $562

Top in Sponsoring

Heather Stepp-2 new stylists
Laura Reynolds-1 new stylist
Rita Straker-1 new stylist
Kelli Stanley-1 new stylist

Our Newest Pearls!

May 2014 Beach Trip to Myrtle Beach!

We all want you there with us! Your leaders have prepared a fun weekend to honor you! If you just signed up in January you can get qualified for the trip starting this month and you can skip January.

How to qualify:
You must qualify ($500 retail) in January, February, AND March.

AND: either be paid at rank of Senior Stylist in Jan, February, or March

Or: be a Stellar Seller ($5000+ retail) in Jan, Feb, or March.

We will provide fabulous accommodations and one fabulous night out for our winners! (You need to get yourself there and be responsible for your other expenses). More details coming...get qualified!!!

Here are the stylists that are getting close to earning the Beach Trip!

Chrissy Colburn, Cindy Epps, Heather Diliberto, Jennifer Holleran, Jessie Hansel, Jillian Holmes, Laura Reynolds, Heather Stepp, Janie Roe, Kelli Stanley, Lauren Whitfield, Mandy Owens, Rita Straker.