May 25, 2020 Principal Message

Jeffreys Grove Magnet Elementary

From the remote desk of Principal Ventura

Dear Jeffreys Grove families,

Thank you for all you did to celebrate teachers/staff the week of May 4th. Our dear PTA provided every staff member with a special and very thoughtful gift for Staff Appreciation Week. JG Staff loved coming to school and finding their gift bag waiting in their mailbox. (Teachers were in the building at different times throughout the week to pack up classrooms for the end of the school year.) Families, we also appreciate all you have been doing, so thank you for your partnership in remote learning. You have made it through Week 7! You are doing great! As a school, our goal is to continue to keep students engaged, interacting and learning. Please continue to provide feedback to your child's teacher about how remote learning is going and communicate any additional needs - communication continues to be important.

As we start our 8th week of remote learning on May 26, it is hard to believe we have 3 weeks left until we close the school year! We have learned so much in such a short time about remote learning and will continue learning as we finish out the year. The biggest thing I'd like to emphasize for staff and parents is to continue to give yourself abundant grace and flexibility. Remote learning did not come with a manual or training and we have literally built a ship and sailed it. Some days have been a real struggle and some have been more successful, but even on the most challenging days we have all been doing our best in these unprecedented times. Continue taking each day as it comes. If it's too much, take a break and then restart. Communicate with your child's teacher to let them know of any struggles or concerns. Reach out to Ms. Jacobs, our school counselor. Reach out to Ms. Scott or myself - we are here to help, to listen, or to offer words of encouragement if that's what you or your child need. Just keep swimming!


Juli Ventura


Wrapping Up Our Year

We have planned some exciting surprises for our Soaring 5th grade Eagles and can't wait to celebrate with them. Six years in the elementary school setting is the longest time students will spend in school together. We are excited for what is yet to come for our graduating students and also sad to say goodbye. However, we expect to see them again when they visit us and we are confident they are prepared and ready to leave our Eagles nest, spread their wings and soar on to middle school!

We are getting ready to share with families our plan and schedule to retrieve students' belongings the week of June 8-12. On May 27 we will announce details and the date and time for each grade level. Families with multiple students at JG will be asked to come on the day of their youngest child to get all of their children's belongings. We will use a drive-through system in the bus loop to pick up items. For the safety of everyone, we ask that you don't get out of your vehicle. After Friday June 12, all items that were not picked up will be purged.

Here's a few other details for you to know about:

  • Devices, hotspots, and library books will be collected from students not returning to a WCPSS school next year. If your family is moving out of the district or out of state then we will need for you to return these items when you come to pick up your child's belongings. All other students can hold their devices and library books until further notice (even 5th grade students).
  • Please label the item(s) you are returning - student name/teacher/grade level.
  • If your child has medications in the office, please make plans with office staff to come and retrieve them. Just call the school to set up a pick up time.

Important Dates

  • May 25, 2020 - Memorial Day Holiday - No virtual school
  • June 5, 2020 - End of Year Feedback will be emailed to families in lieu of a final report card due to COVID-19.
  • June 12, 2020 - Last day of virtual school

Counselor's Corner

Hello JGE Community,

Thanks for all the support you've given our students and staff during our remote learning time! We have three weeks remaining of school and I wanted to list a few tips to keep us going so we finish strong.

  1. Continue to help your child stick to a daily routine. Having a sense of routine and structure helps students feel secure.
  2. Continue to check in with your child's teachers. If you have questions, ask, we are all here to help!
  3. Continue to encourage your child to take breaks. Encourage physical activity and exercise to combat the extra screen time that students get each day.
  4. Continue to encourage your child to be responsible for completing their school work and to keep trying when something may be a little difficult. Encourage responsibility and perseverance!
  5. Take care of you and your family! This includes physical, mental, and emotional needs (be active, exercise your brain, take care of your emotional/mental health, and do things that you enjoy)!

You are doing a great job! Continue to help our JGE Eagles SOAR each day!

Take care,

Mrs. Jacobs