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Term 3 Week 3


Hello, Kia ora, Chomreabsour, Mālo ni, Ni hao, Kia orāna, Talofa lava, Namaste, Hola, Hallo, Chào bạn, Bula Vinaka, Kumusta, Guten Tag, Mālō e lelei , An-nyeong-ha-se-yo, greetings to all our School Families.

Upcoming Events

  • 16 Aug BOT Meeting Staffroom 6.00pm
  • 16 Aug Scholastic Book orders are due today please.
  • 18 Aug Stanley Ave Cross Country Boyd Park (Saving day 19th Aug)
  • 27 Aug Daffodil Day
  • 25 Aug District Cross Country Boyd Park
  • 30 Aug - 3 Sept Winter Olympics Totara Springs Matamata
  • 7 Sept Thames Valley Cross Country Ngatea
  • 9 Sept School Speeches 11.30am Rec Centre
  • 10 Sept Inter Schools Bowls tournament
  • 1 Oct Te Aroha Kāhui Ako Teacher Only Day School Closed

Kāhui Ako Teacher Only Day - Friday October 1st 2021 (Last Day of Term 3)

On Friday 1st October, all Te Aroha Schools that are part of the Te Aroha Kāhui Ako will be involved in a Teacher Only Day being held at the Silver Ferns Event Centre. The focus of the Teacher Only Day will centre around forming relationships and building connections with Ngati Tumutumu Iwi.

The Kids Club will be open on this day from 8am- 5.30 pm. Please phone Kat Kelsey to book in advance on 027 282 1191.

Thank you to everyone. We raised over $950.00 from Sausage sizzles for our Winter Olympics team 2021.

Yellow Mufti day in support of Cancer Society Daffodil Day 27th August 2021

Advance warning.....

This year we are going to have a Yellow day in support of the Cancer Society. We would like to encourage as many children to dress in yellow or maybe wear yellow hair ties or bows or socks, or hats or wigs etc to support a cause that affects so many people in our school community. Gold coin donation please. Come on Stanley Ave. We can do this!

Fundraising Team

Last Tuesday night the Fundraising Team had its inaugural meeting. Their key purpose was to form a core group of parents to assist with fundraising events, activities, initiatives, etc, to raise funds for our students to benefit from.

Major wish list items were an Epro8 kit and money towards the Junior outdoor play area. The Fundraising Team is in the early stages of organising a Disco for later in the term.

If you are interested in joining the Fundraising Team you can email for more information.

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Science in Room 10

Room 10 have been doing some hands-on activities to explore our 5 Senses and see how we use them for learning. Mrs Finucane made some Fizzy Ice Blocks. We were allowed to look, smell, touch and even taste them! Then we put vinegar on them and watched…

Here are some of our observations, turned into words by Mrs Finucane.

It got bubbly, yellow and little. It was fizzing. The colours started to mix. It looked like a red puddle.


When the vinegar came out it started fizzing and making bubbles. It made the lump dissolve and it turned into a sunset of yellow and red and orange.


I saw lots of pinky white bubbles and they made a

fizzy sound. The lump went down and it turned into

a yellow sun on the plate. The red and the yellow mixed together but ours was different. We didn't have much red. It was really shiny. Rhythm

There were lots of pinky white bubbles and I could hear the fizzy bubbles. I was shaking the plate and it changed from red and yellow to orange because

it was mixing up. It looked like a sunset.


The vinegar was melting the lump and turning it into a yellow puddle. We saw white bubbles and heard popping sounds. The red and the yellow changed colours and turned into pink. It mixed up. It looked like a sunset.


The vinegar made pink and yellow bubbles and it made a fizzing sound. We mixed it around and the colours joined up and made orange and yellow and pink. It tasted sweet and sour, like jelly. Sterling

The vinegar made white bubbles. It made fizzy sounds. I tipped the plate and I made pink! It tasted sweet.


The vinegar made almost nearly all of the liquid bubbly. I heard lots of fizzy bubbles and I saw lots of rainbow sunset colours. Everyone was looking at their bowls of beautiful sunsets. Ezra had lots of fun mixing the bowl with me. Eva.

Team Tui Trip to Waitomo- watch this space for more photos and stories next week

2021 Stanley Avenue Cross Country Yr1-8

On Thursday 18th August we are holding our School Cross Country, at Boyd Park.

We hope that lots of supporters can come along to encourage our runners.

The afternoon starts at 1pm.

If weather conditions are not good enough, the saving day is Friday 19th August.

Race order: Times are approximate only—Ages as at 26th July 2021

1.05pm 10 year olds 2500m

1.15pm 5 year olds 450m

1.25pm 11 year olds 2800m

1.35pm 6 year olds 650m

1.45pm 9 year olds 1550m

1.50pm 12+ year olds 3200m

2.05pm 8year olds 1550m

2.20pm 7 year olds 1100m

Please note that these times are ‘a guide only’ and it would pay to be there at least 15 minutes prior to the race.

We encourage students to run in their Waka colours.

Te Aroha-Red




T-shirts are available from our uniform shop (Open on Wednesday mornings) $11 each.

For the day to be successful we require parents to

assist with being Course Marshalls.

This will involve being placed at different parts of the wetlands to make sure our students don't get lost. It can also double as a great spot to watch all the races!

If you can help out, please contact the school office

07 8848479 or Mrs Di Meyler 027 272 2227

Room 11 Humpty Dumpties who did not fall off a wall!

Room 11 finished off last week with Humpty Dumpty art. Earlier in the week they wrote exciting stories to go with their artwork. The rule was that Humpty was not to be an egg and he was not to fall off a wall. Humpty was found in lots of interesting places. He fell off rollercoasters, skyscrapers, the wing of a plane while doing starjumps and even the moon!

Tino pai Room 11

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Enrolment Zone

Stanley Avenue School Enrolment Scheme

Details of pre-enrolment procedures and subsequent balloting procedures

The board advises that five spaces for new entrant students and five spaces for Years 1-8 students are likely to be available for the period of 7th September 2021 to 22nd October 2021.

Applications close 9am, 7th September 2021. If the number of out-of-zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out of zone places is required, it will be held at 10am, 7th September 2021.

Application forms are available from our school office.

Phone 07 8848 479 or alternatively contact John Byers (Principal) on 021 138 1983


Thank you

John Byers



Scholastic Book Orders Issue 5 are due in by 16th August please.

Future Te Aroha present their 20th Anniversary Children's production

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Te Aroha Library Winter reading challenge

Drop by the library to enter our winter reading challenge, Rug Up & Read! All you need to do is read eight different categories, and you’re in to win. Why not challenge your friends, family or class? We've got some great prizes on offer!

This is for all ages and can be done as a family.

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Uniform Room is open on Wednesday Mornings 8.30am - 9.30pm. Eftpos available