Jack Andraka

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Early Life

Jack was born in Crownsville, Maryland on January 8, 1997. His parents are Steve and Jane Andraka. One of Jacks hobbies is to go out kayaking, he also loves to watch "Glee" and "Bones". He has been openly gay since he was 13. He attends Gay Pride parades every year. One of his inspiration was a gay scientist named Alan Turing.


"Science shouldn't be a luxury, knowledge should not be a commodity"


When jack was 15, he discovered an inexpensive way to detect pancreatic cancer at its early stages. The death of a close family friend was what inspired him to do research on it. His research has received much criticism for many reason, one of them was because he did not share his research with other scientist. although not much change was made, he made it possible to have it done in the future.

Definition of a hero

A hero is someone that comes in need when there is no one else. In some ways, Jack is a hero. He made it possible to save many lives in the future while still keeping them financially stable.

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