Greek Mythology connections with my book


The book is about a boy named Kenzie who was in love with a girl named Stassi. Kenzi was deceived by the things he heard from his friends and believed that Stassi cheated on him. Kenzie hated Stassi and broke up with her. One day Kenzie rode his bike up a one way street the wrong way and accidentally hit Stassi. She hit her head and ended up with permanent brain damage. The cops thought Kenzie did it on purpose to get back at his ex-girlfriend. Kenzie had to prove to the cops that he didn't do it on purpose. While he was trying to prove he was innocent he found out that Stassi never cheated on him and realized how much he loved her. He found a friend with a video of the accident that showed someone pushing her in his way. He was allowed to visit Stassi in the hospital and she acknowledged that he was there but she is not the same person and because of the brain damage she never will be normal. The charges were dropped but he feels terrible for believing the stories people told him.

what myth dose this book relate to

This book relates to the myth Pyramus and Thisbe because both of the boys had false impressions of the girls they loved. Kenzie and Stassi were in love and he believed that she was cheating on him but she wasn’t. Pyramus believed that Thisbe had died but she really didn’t.