It's A Boy

July 27,2015

Kyree Alexander McDuffie

Kyree Alexander McDuffie; Kam was born July 27 2015, 7 lbs. 8 ounces healthy with no complications. Pregnancy was complicated for me. I went into labor approximately a month before Kyree's original due date. I had to be induced. It was a 16 hour labor. My water had not broken yet so the nurse had to break it for me. I had to restrain myself for 4 hours from not pushing due to the fact I was not dilated enough. Kyree took three good pushes and was out. I did have numbness to the left side of my body due to the labor induce medicine.

I met Kyree's father at summer band camp my junior year in high school. I had no intentions on marriage. However 4 years later we are happily married with a healthy baby boy. Conception took one time and one time only.

First Night

Kyree was very fussy from the time we brought him home from the hospital till night fall, he cried and cried. I had a tad bit of resentment of giving him a pacifier but it keeps him calm.

The only time I hold him is when he is being feed. I do not want him to get in the habit of when he cries he gets held and gets a pacifier. The only time he obtains a pacifier is when is crying irritably. He does not under any circumstances sleep in the same bed as his father and I. We got into an argument about him sleeping in the bed with us. I felt like it was unsafe because anything can happen, we aren't hard sleepers but we tend to move a lot, and I didn't want him to get hurt in the event if we did move around. He sleeps in a crib in our room.

I worked out a crying system that I understand pretty well. When Kyree cries and its mellow toned and whiny, he is uncomfortable because he is wet, so he needs to be changed. He does this about 4 times a night. When he cries and its loud high pitched and has an irritated tone, he is hungry and needs to be feed, this happens every 2 hours and a quarter.

The last cry is "mommy and daddy I miss you and I want to be held" I try not to give in and hold him so I play soothing music. Usually its nature sounds or steady taps.

Kyree has RSV

Kyree was not feeling his best. He kept crying and no eating and the foods he did eat he spat up. We thought he had a baby stomach virus. So we treated it as though he did. When none of the home remedies worked, we turned his pediatrician. He had to be pricked and inspected. I wasn't happy because of the fact he kept crying, it made me fairly sad. He had a nasal mucus test that showed he had RSV. He had to take antibiotics that were placed in his formula twice a day. Now he is feeling better and is in tip top shape. Now we have a happy baby and a happy mommy.

Parent Problems

Many parents worry about getting vaccinations for their babies. Experts say that if you decide to wait until your child is a little older, they have the same risk of having a reaction, but in the meantime they could be exposed to whooping cough (pertussis) at an age when they are the most vulnerable.The incidence of whooping cough is on the rise and has increased tenfold in the last few years. I feel like you should get your child vaccinated on time with the schedule that your pediatrician gives you. By doing this your ensure that your child's health is at its maximum capacity. Also I believe your should ask your pediatrician what the best thing for your child is.

Project wrap-up

It felt different carrying the baby around for a week because I was happy but also slightly frustrated. Trying to make sure that I didn't bust it when I picked it up and things like that.
My boyfriend really liked the project and was always holding the baby or pushing him in the stroller. People in stores thought it was a real child, they would try and peak over his shoulder to see if it was real or not. My mom also got really into it, taking pictures with him and showing people her "grandbaby". All of my friends wanted to hold the baby and pretend that they are his auntie or uncle. They also always wanted to take him with them to where ever they went. What I liked the most about this project is changing his clothes and watching people's faces as me and my boyfriend walked past them. The thing I liked the least was people saying things like "Your baby is crying" or " When was the last time you fed him." Lastly, the hardest part of the project was taking him everywhere I went and making sure he is sitting right and not falling.