Weekly Glimpse (January 11-15)

From Fourth Grade

Language Arts

Focus this week:

* continuing to solve the mystery with Calder and Petra (Chasing Vermeer)

* discussion groups and summaries

* vocabulary and spelling test

* designing and creating labyrinth blueprints with groups - this will be displayed in the hallway (they worked well together while collaborating the best use of pentominoes)

Focus for next week:

* Vocabulary test on Tuesday of the next set of words (total of eight words)

* Spelling test on Wednesday

* continuing with the labyrinths

* continuing to read Chasing Vermeer as well as their own mystery books

Social Studies

Focus this week:

* learning more about the beginning of our nation - people, places, battles

Next week:

* Lesson 3: American Revolution

* Review for the test the following week Jan. 29

* Current Event is due on Tuesday for those who are reporting

Teacher's Note

* No school on Monday - observing Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday

* Reminder that class novels and choice novels need to come to school for Language Arts

* Our class is running low on pencils. I've reminded students to bring their own pencils.

* End of the second quarter is Friday, January 22nd