My Summer

Daniel Troolines 2A

Cliff Diving

I started this summer with a 2 hour drive to with some friends to go cliff diving. We drove 2 hours past Dallas to a flooded lake to go cliff diving.

30 days of Nothing

After one day outside I was done with summer weather and retreated to my room to catch up on every show available to me via my computer. I achieved my goal to watch 30 seasons of shows and 27 movies over the summer.

Working With The Family

During the summer I spent a couple weeks working for my dad. While I worked for him I had to install cabinets for a high school and unload trucks full of equipment for him.

Dogs for days

During the other activities I had experienced this summer I also had the company and responsibility of my dogs to keep me busy. I walked my dogs everyday.

Top Golf

My friends: Trey and Brennan are holding me up for a picture at Top Golf.