I Am Grateful for LEGO's

My Gratitude Presentation

LEGO's are great

I love to play with LEGO's. They are absolutely amazing. you can do so many things with them. I love to take apart all of my LEGO's and build different things out of them. By combining your LEGO sets, you get a whole new variety of LEGO's to work with. I have a whole bunch of LEGO sets, but they are all destroyed at the monent, so I can't show actual pictures of them.

LEGO's are Helpful

LEGO's are helpful for many reasons. They give your fingers something to do. They build your imagination by helping you build your own things. They are a great pass-time and are good for collecting.

My Creations

As I mentioned earlier, I like to take my LEGO's apart and build something awesome out of them. This is one example of them (only one for lack of resource material.)