Presidential Job Fair

Created by Kalyn Becker and Sophie Harr

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  • Must be at least 35 years of age
  • Must be a resident of the United States for 14 years
  • Must be a natural born citizen
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  • Salary of $400,000 year
  • Benefits include large staff: Chefs, Butlers, and Doctors, benefits also include housing in the White House, health and retirement benefits, special tax deductions, fleet of cars, Secret Service protection and private plane along with travel.

10 Constitutional Powers Granted

  1. Commander in Chief
  2. Commission all military officers of the United States
  3. Make treaties with advice and consent of the Senate ( Diplomatic)
  4. Receive Ambassadors
  5. Appoint ambassadors, federal judges, and Supreme Court Justices(Judicial/ Legislative)
  6. Deliver the annual State of the Union address
  7. Call either or both houses of Congress into special session
  8. Ensure that all laws passed by Congress are carried out
  9. Appoints heads of executive departments (Executive)
  10. The cabinet is an advisory group chosen by the President to carry out the work of the executive branch. Includes 15 Dept. Heads, VP, and 7 other advisors. (Executive)
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Most Important Power

The most important power is to ensure that all laws passed by congress are carried out, the reason I choose this power is because we need to keep modifying the laws and adapting to new changes that are happening around in the country.

Important Qualities

As the President of the United States it is important to have certain person qualities because you have a big responsibility. Some qualities include great leadership skills and persuasive, inspiring and motivating, effective work ethic and smart, a clear vision, and you have to appeal to citizens by being likable and trust worthy.
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Your Six Hats You Will Wear

As president you will wear many different kinds of hats but there are 6 major hats you must wear. The first hat is a party leader, you must help the members of your political party get elected or appointed to office. You campaign for those members who have supported your policies. The second hat you will wear is Commander-in-Chief and while wearing this hat you must command all U.S armed forces, including giving orders to military leaders. Another hat includes Chief Executive which administers laws and the affairs of the nation, the president must use authority to carry out the laws with responsibility. Other hats include Chief of State; represent the United States at public events, Chief Diplomat; interacting with other nations peacefully, and Chief Legislator; promote his agenda through speeches and meeting with congress to discuss your policies. All these hats are very important and as president you need to wear the well.

How We Would Solve the ISIS Problem ( Major Issue of 2016)

Roles of President Guided Questions

Party Leader:

1. The current president belongs to the Democratic Party

2. A sitting president can work on his behalf of his party by choosing leading party members to serve in his cabinet

3. The president can continue to work on his behalf by traveling to MN where he/she can speak about a party nominee


1. A benefit about having a civilian who is an elected official is that the commander in chief might have second thoughts about bombing other cities who have civilians and civilian families.

2. A drawback about having a civilian be commander in chief is that some situations might involve personal experiences that might sway an important decision.

Chief Executive:

1. Some recent executive orders that have impacted the state of nation is that they have lifted the ban on stem cell research.

2. Article 2 section 1

Chief of State:

1. President Obama has recently flown to San Berdino California to help and give a speech about the recent terror attract that occurred there.

2. The president can play a role as chief of state during wartime by visiting the graves of recent fallen soldiers and their families and go to army bases to get their input on the war

Chief Diplomat:

1. The White House has recently hosted the leader of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma. The president has recently visited Paris, France. The motivation behind this visit was the recent Paris Terror attacts.

2. Traditional allies are France and Great Britian, they still have strong relationships.

Chief Legislator:

1. One piece of legislation that the president has pushed through congress has been his healthcare act, ObamaCare.

2. He has pushed his plan by forcing the bitterly fought healthcare reform bill through congress and bringing almost universal coverage to Americans.

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