Texas Statehood

Sam Houston decided to make Texas a state .But some people disagreed.they wanted it to become a powerful country like the u.s. people outside the country did not like the idea eather. They knew Texas was a state that allowed slavery. Some of them didn't want another slave state.

Texas became a state

On February 28, 1845 the u.s. decided Texas could become a state. On July 4, 1845, the leaders of Texas voted on the solution. There was only one no in the vote. later in October, the rest of Texas voted. 4,000 people said yes, and about 200 voted against it. And then, finally, on December 29 1845 Texas became the 28th state of the United States. Later on,at the state capital of Austin, Anson Jones lowered the Texas flag and said " The Republic of Texas is no more." many people where sad. but as the days went by and the new flag raised over the the Texas capital and people cheered!

The Constitution

If Texas a state you need a state constitution. several men worked on the constitution. One of the things is said was that every 2 years they would pick a new leader of Texas.James Pinckney Henderson was the leader after Anson Jones.Men over 21 where aloud to vote. Women, Native American and African American did not have the right.