Creature of the Night

a scary story By Kate Thompson.

Obey the rules... Your life may depend on it.

"There was never a time since this house was built that there wasn't milk left out for the fairies. It's set on a fairy path they say."
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Hey thrill seekers! Stay for a night in Irelands own haunted house! Legend has it that fairies come into this house every day in search for milk and bits of food that you must leave out for them. These fairies take many forms, their most common form is a hedgehog, but if you are lucky, you will find them in their original form, a little person! This house is full of wonder and mystery that you yourself can discover. But if you do not follow the rules and leave out milk and bits of food out for the fairies, you will face the wrath of the fairies. You should never underestimate the fairies.