The Career of a Wildlife Biologist

By ; Mechelle Alvarado

What Do Wildlife Biologist Do ?

Wildlife Biologist develop and conduct experimental studies with animals in controlled or natural surroundings as well as collect biological data and specimens for analysis. Wildlife Biologist study the characteristics if animals such as their interactions with other species , reproduction , populations dynamics , diseases , and movement patterns of a species of animal. Wildlife biologist also study the influence of human activity on wildlife and their natural habitats. They maintain ways of improving breeding programs that support healthy animals and endangered species or other wild populations of land and aquatic life.

What Experience Requirements do Wildlife Biologist have to have ?

The degree level wildlife biologist have to have is a minimum of a bachelors degree and a Ph. D for advancement as well as a wildlife biology degree field and certification available from the Wildlife Society. The key skills that you have to have in order to be a Wildlife Biologist are science , communications , organization ,writing skills , proficiency with spreadsheet , word processing , scientific software , knowledge of safety traps for wildlife.

Salary and Wages for a Wildlife Biologist.

The salary for a Wildlife Biologist is 32,268 to 77,585 in a national salary data. The average pay for a wildlife biologist is 49,923 per year and a skill in environmental compliance associated with high pay for this job.

What kind of Facility does a Wildlife Biologist work at ?

Wildlife biologist work in offices , laboratories and outdoors. Fieldwork can require wildlife biologist to travel to remote locations anywhere in the world. Wildlife biologist work in both cold and warm climates and in all types of weather.
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